Activating Bluetooth on your Kindle Fire HD

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Posted by on Friday June 14, 2013 at 14:36:13:

The ordinary Kindle fire didn't come with a bluetooth capability or a camera but when the Kindle Fire HD came, it filled in those gaps with a lot more.

If you've got an Amazon Kindle Fire HD, you probably may not be aware of its bluetooth capability which is listed in the Wireless tools section. Blueooth allows devices to connect with each other and share files within a 10 feet wireless medium.

So, apart from being able to connect to WiFi hotspots with your Kindle you could also use it to connect to other devices that come with bluetooth capability such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, wireless keyboards, wireless speaker and so on.

To activate Bluetooth on your Kindle Fire HD, just pull down the hidden top menu > Wireless and tap on Bluetooth and select the on button.

Once it has been switched on, it will start searching for compatible devices after which you should then pair the devices by using a pairing key. Once connected, you will be able to do future connections and file transfers easily.

You can transfer different kinds of files to your Kindle Fire from other bluetooth capable devices once it has been paired and I've tried transferring videos, mp3s and pictures.

However file transfer speed for bluetooth as I've noticed is not as fast as transfers done using a microUSB cable.


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