How to buy an affordable Apple iPad using a US mail forwarding service

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Posted by on Thursday October 24, 2013 at 9:11:23:

When it comes to shopping on major US websites from Nigeria, the restrictions placed on shipping outside the USA can be overcome when one makes use of a US mail forwarding service.

In Nigeria, the price of Apple iPads are actually skyrocketing and most new iPads start to sell from above N100,000. How does one then get a cheap iPad in Nigeria without having to buy a used or second hand one? How does one buy an iPad without going over the 100k mark? Well, you can do this by getting a US agency to act on your behalf.

What is basically involves is this:
- You pay for a membership account with the US mail forwarding company e.g. $10 or $60
- You go to the Apple store and browse for the specific iPad you want
- You use the personal shopper service with your US mail forwarder and request them to buy it for you. Indicate any other special instructions too.
- Your debit/credit card gets billed and they ship the iPad to you.

Apart from the price of the iPad you'd be buying from Apple, you'd just get billed an additional 6 to 10% commission for the iPad. You'd also have to pay for the final shipping to you in Nigeria via Courier to your home or office. You can also estimate the final shipping costs using their online shipping cost calculator.

In all, you'd actually be spending less than what you'd actually spend when buying the iPad directly from local stores in Nigeria.

The benefits of buying your iPad directly from Apple using a US mail forwarding company is that you buy it cheaper and also get a free engraving on it.


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