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Posted by on Friday October 25, 2013 at 12:12:10:

For most people who buy Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets, using it outside the USA or non-Amazon supported countries, there could be some restrictions which could be related to billing address or geographical location.

If you are in the USA, you can access the full services and apps that comes with a Kindle Fire but if you are in another country, there would be some limitations.

However, no matter the country you are in, there Kindle Fire HD still remains a good tablet to have and I just want to mention some of the things you can still do with it no matter which country you are currently in.

What you can do in any country:
Browse the web
Kindle fire connects to the internet by means of Wireless or 4G networks. Wireless networks tend to be faster and more economical. KF has its own browser called Silk browser and you can easily use this to access the web when there is a connection. There are other Android browsers other than the Silk browser which you can use. Dolphin, Chrome and Opera mobile browser do work well on Kindle too.

Check and Send Email:
There is an inbuilt email app that the tablet comes with. You should just set it up once with your email and you'd be able to access your mail with the touch of a button. It requires a network connection.

Download apps from third party sites
Downloading apps straight from the Amazon store can be restricted to some users who are outside the USA but there are other websites where you can download apps straight to your Kindle. Just look for third party android appstores and one of them is at You just need to "enable installation from third party sites" in your Kindle settings. Apps here includes games too and they all come in .apk format.

Use the front camera
Higher Kindle tablets do come with a front facing camera e.g. Kindle Fire HD. The camera just needs an app to get it working and Skype comes included. There are other Android camera apps you can get for free from Amazon or other sites like Opera apps. With the camera app, you can take pictures, do a video recording and make video calls.

Transfer, store and play mp4 and MP3 files
You can copy mp3 and mp4 files from other devices to your Kindle and be able to play them on your device. You can also download it straight from the internet using third party apps that allow you to download videos and mp3s. With this, you can watch movies and play music as aform of entertainment.

Download e-books from third party sites
You can always buy books straight from Amazon's digital store if your country is supported but if not, you can always download books from other third party sites and formats acceptable to Kindle include .pdf, doc, docs, mobile, txt and azw files.

Shop on Amazon:
One of the sweet things about the Kindle tablet is how it makes it easy for you to shop on Amazon. You can shop for digital and physical items. You can basically shop for items that Amazon will ship to your country and these basically includes books and dvds. You can also shop all other items and make use of a US shipping agency who will then finally ship items to you.

What to do concerning Billing restrictions
You don't really have to bother yourself if Amazon doesn't want to sell items to you because of your billing details. However, that doesn't mean that it is still impossible to buy such items from Amazon. What is basically takes is for you to get a billing address that would be acceptable to amazon and this basically involves getting a physical or virtual credit card that carries the address of the supported country. Most people who face this problem simply make use of a US VCC to solve the issue and may as well make use of gift cards to complement the purchase. Amazon basically just wants to have an acceptable billing address and card for record purposes and you can always offset the balance with a gift card.

What to do concerning Geographic restrictions
At times you may have also faced the problem that your region is not supported. This is because Amazon is basically tracking you and selecting the services it can offer you based on your ip location. You can solve this issue by simply getting a US VPN service which allows you to change your IP address.


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