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Posted by on Friday October 25, 2013 at 17:50:32:

When it comes to using the Kindle Fire tablet outside the USA or Amazon appstore supported region, there are normally some restrictions. It is much easier to just buy or get free apps for your Kindle straight from AMazon's appstore if you have access to it but that doesn't mean that you can's still get free apps for your Kindle, even if you are outside the USA.

Amazon appstore are basically AMazon's own branded Android market that allows Android like devices like the Kindle tablet to become more useful to users. Without apps, the Kindle tablet can't really do much and apps are what brings it to live.

If you want to get apps on your Kindle and can't access Amazon's appstore, you are allowed to also access third party android websites and get the apk files for installation on your device. One of such free android websites is the one at Opera offers a lot of apps on its appstore and although, it may not be able to compete in numbers with AMazon for now, it is still a growing appstore. You can get some apps for free as well as be able to buy the ones you want, irrespective of your region.

If you are in a non supported Amazon app country like Nigeria, you can get the apps from Opera or other Android sites and then install it on your computer.

What you basically need to do is:
- Go to your Kindle settings > Allow installation from third party sites
- Browse for free apps on or other trusted apps market
- Download and install the apps with the touch of a button.

You can also download apk files to your computer or Android device and still transfer it to your Kindle tablet using bluetooth or the USB cable.

One the file has been stored on your Kindle, you can always open and install them. I'e been able to download a lot of free apps for Kindle from other Android websites and they do work quite well.

As long as you have an internet connection and can search for the apps you are looking for, you will be able to make them running on your Kindle tablet. I've been able to install apps like HD camera, Chrome for Android as well as Angry birds to my Kindle Fire without have to get them from the Amazon appstore.

One thing to note is that when downloading apps from other Android website other than Amazon, you should exercise some safety and probably scan the files with an antivirus before installing them on your device. So I prefer downloading them first to my laptop before transferring them to Kindle so that I may be able to scan for viruses. You don't also have to root your Kindle Fire just to get a lot of apps on it.


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