Is having an iPad better than having a Laptop?

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Posted by on Monday October 28, 2013 at 13:54:1:

When someone is given the option of getting an iPad or a laptop, which of the two do you think should be more preferrable?

Is an iPad better than a laptop? Asking that questions is like asking whether a laptop is better than a desktop or if a desktop is better than a workstation.

Well, in terms of cost and performance, the best iPads are still not as expensive or perform better than the best laptops. There are a lot of laptops that perform a lot of task and do more work more efficiently than an iPad.

There is a reason why laptops are priced more than iPads. iPads are not exactly designed to replace the heavy work which laptops do or laptops able to replace the heavy work which desktops do. iPads are basically meant to make using computers more easier.

An iPad has some benefits over a laptop such as:

- Portability: It's much easier and possible to hold an iPad on one hand than a laptop. It is also easier to carry an iPad around.

- Fashionable: Nowadays, it's more fashionable to carry a mini tablet than a laptop. I remember the good old days when people were seeing carrying bulky desktop computers and laptops to a business meeting. With an iPad, you can look more fashionable and an iPad mini basically looks like a small folder.

- Cheaper: Most people who cannot affordable a traditional or professional laptop can make do with an iPad and get started training themselves on computer usage. They can learn how to type, run applications and browse the web.

A laptop has more benefits over an iPad such as:

- Runs more complex programs: A laptop can run more complex programs unlike an iPad since the latter is more limited in memory size and speed than a laptop.

- Easier to type and select: While you can type on both devices, it is more easier to type on a laptop and select functions. You can even use your selection tool more easier on a laptop than an iPad.

- Multiple tasking: A laptop can open up many programs at the same time but it hardly possible or that efficient on an iPad.

- Durability: A laptop generally is more durable and can last longer than an iPad. It is also more durable to shock.

- Availability of more technical support: There are more technicians available locally that can help service a laptop than an iPad which is still relatively a new device.

- Bigger screen: A Laptop offer a much wider screen display size than an iPad. This makes it easier to read text and view graphics.

Do you think that an iPad is better than a laptop?


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