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Posted by on Tuesday October 29, 2013 at 14:57:29:

When it comes to mini computers or tablets in our world today, names like the Apple iPad lead in terms of cost for the end user. Of course, there are many other portable tablets but the iPad is among the most expensive and loved brand in the market.

Perhaps, you may have always wanted to have an iPad since most of your friends and colleagues already own one but you may be a bit concerned about the price and so probably need a cheap one or at least, just want to know how much the cheapest model is, in the market, in order to budget for it.

How much is the cheapest iPad today? How cheap can one get an Apple iPad?

Well, one of the best places to go to in order to checkout the price of iPads in ascending or descending order is the official Apple website.

Apple is the only company with the sole rights of producing and distributing Apple iPads to the market and it's a US company that has made millions doing so. The iPad is one of their best performing products and it already has a growing number of users who are getting hooked on IOS.

I did a recent check on the Apple website today and found out that the cheapest brand new iPad is the iPad mini and this was selling at about $

4 Ways you can get an iPad at a cheap price
Well, there are 4 ways I know one can buy an iPad for cheap without having to spend a lot

- Buying the iPad mini($299) or iPad Air($499)
The iPad mini is the cheapest iPad version and doesn't cost as much as those large screen iPad since it's a mini version. This doesn't mean that it is less efficient than others but it still has the same capability except for the size.

- Buying an Ipad with less features
You can buy an iPad that is Wifi online rather than WiFi plus 4g and this can make it cheaper. Also, buying an iPad that is at least 16GB would cost less than the one that has more size. Including 4G capability costs an extra $130 and an extra 16GB costs about $100.

- Buying an older generation iPad
Older iPads cost less than newer versions. If you want to buy an iPad at a cheapest cost, wait for about a year after it's release and you'd see you'd get it cheaper and save money. Buying new iPads tend to cost more to the buyer.

- Buying a used or refurbished iPad
Getting an iPad that is used or refurbished can also reduce the cost for you. You may get it from Apple, Amazon or even a local iPad dealer and this would cost less to you than if it was a new one. The price for Used or refurbished iPads are not so regulated and you may even be able to negotiate the price. You may even buy from friends or colleagues.

So what's the price of the cheapest iPad? Well the iPad mini is the cheapest I've seen and you can get a new one for as low as $299. You can also get iPads cheaper if they are used or refurbished for less than $300.


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