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Posted by on Tuesday November 12, 2013 at 15:34:17:

What does it take to get a cheap laptop in Nigeria? How low can the prices go for the laptops that are locally available?

When it comes to buying brand new laptops in Nigeria, the prices can be quite expensive, especially for the young people who are mostly in need of them. The younger generation tend to have a better understanding of how computers and the internet works and so the demand for laptops is higher on their side.

A brand new laptop sells from at least $300(N48,000) on US websites but it sells for up to $450(N72,000) in the Nigerian market and this is quite considerable when you consider the fact that it is brand new, comes with a warranty and also comes bundled with a Windows operating system. However, for most Nigerian youths, the price tag of N72,000 is way too high.

In a country where the minimum monthly wage is about N18,000 and middle income people earn less than N50,000 per month, asking a family to spend more than that for their kid is probably going take food off a lot of tables.

How cheap could laptops then be bought in Nigeria? How much are most people willing to pay for laptops at least?

Well, a visit to the computer village or local laptop dealers will show you that the price range for best selling laptops range from around N25,000 to N40,000 and this is mostly for Chinese Android laptops and used American/UK laptops.

Yeah, there is a hug market for used and cheap laptops in Nigeria but not much for brand new laptops.

How do you get cheap laptops?
How do you get a cheap laptop in Nigeria? Well there are several ways you can do it.

You can get cheap laptops in Nigeria in any of the following ways:

- Buying used laptops locally: You can buy used laptops in Nigeria from a friend or from local stores. You can find that they can be quite cheaper than if you bought them newly. Used laptops can save you up to 30% of the original price.

- Buying new Chinese laptops: Nowadays, there are many Android laptops that operate on cheap operating systems such as Android and Windows CE. You can buy it locally or straight from websites like They can sell for under N25k by the time it gets to Nigeria.

- Buying used laptops from US websites: This basically involves buying from sites like Amazon, eBay and even direct laptop dealers. You can buy used ones and send them to Nigeria using a courier service like DHL or Fedex. Since most US websites don't ship to Nigeria, you would need to make use of a US shipping agency.

Those are the ways I know you can buy laptops for cheap in Nigeria and save a lot of money. I hope it helped?

Re: How to get cheap laptops in Nigeria Reply by Damian Dominic on Monday January 6, 2014 at 13:0:58:

want to get a laptop wil u be of help

Re: How to get cheap laptops in Nigeria Reply by Ololade Sulaimon Ojogiwa on Sunday July 13, 2014 at 17:43:50:

I need a used dell laptops e 6320 . clean and neat one with a reasonable price

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