Is the iPad really good for taking pictures or video recording?

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Posted by on Tuesday December 17, 2013 at 15:59:5:

When it comes to taking pictures you are probably going to share on social networks like Facebook or Instagram the ipad can be quite ok but should you really be using an Ipad to take pictures at a public event?

It's the common trend nowadays in Nigeria to see people carry along an iPad at public events like wedding receptions, birthday parties, carnivals and even Christmas carols. You'd seen about 5 or 6 people

I happened to go to a wedding party recently and noticed the way people were using iPads and some other tablets to take pictures and so I was wondering if they were better than digital cams or just people who wanted to flaunt the fact that they had an ipad. One of the first questions I asked myself them was "How many MP does an iPad really have?

iPads probably provide a wider screen capture coverage that allows one to take videos in hd format but I'm not sure if it work well under poor lighting unlike digital cams that can come with a light bulb.

When it comes to sound recording for videos, iPads are really great as they come with the ability to reduce background noise.

When it comes to photo quality, does an ipad beat modern day digital cams? Well certainly not. Since the best iPad I've seen so far only has a 5MP strenght while there are cameras that come with 20MP and hence provide better quality pictures. This is why cameras with a higher MPs tend to cost more than the ones with lower megapixels. One may need to get closer to the object take good quality pictures with an iPad using the iSight camera.

An iPad is however good for taking home videos and for internet sharing on sites like YouTube but when it comes to taking high definition videos and the best pictures, digital cameras may still hold the sway for now.

Re: Is the iPad really good for taking pictures or video recording? Reply by Gabby on Friday December 20, 2013 at 15:0:52:

Higher version of iPad takes good pictures and videos but not as good as digicams. I'd advise anyone trying to take quality pictures with an iPad try to get closer to the object and also use a higher version of ipad. Early generation iPads are basically good for video calls or social networking.

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