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Posted by on Thursday January 9, 2014 at 12:16:12:

One of the cool features of Kindle Fire HD is that it allows one to transfer files wirelessly using a bluetooth connection which Amazon's Kindle also supports. With bluetooth which most smartphones and computers come with nowadays, it makes making connections among several devices to the Kindle a smooth affair.

For sure, the Kindle Fire HD comes with a microUSB to USB cable that also allows connections to your Kindle using a USB port, with Bluetooth, it makes it a wireless connection.

Note that Amazon's Kindle Fire does not come with Bluetooth capability but the Kindle Fire HD does and same goes for higher versions like the Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.

If one was just connecting to a Kindle Fire from a laptop or computer which comes with a USB port, it's probably best to stick to USB transfers which are faster(and if you have a working USB cable) but for other devices like smartphones and other tablets, making use of bluetooth connections can be necessary since they may be the only mean to connect without using a computer.

Personally, I've connected my Samsung Android phone to my Kindle Fire HD using bluetooth so as to trasnfer some pictures, files and audio songs and it works pretty well.

The Kindle Fire HD doesn't come with a detachable microSD memory card and so to transfer files, one would either connect with a USB cable or a Bluetooth connection and for transferring from a mobile phone, it only makes sense and saves time to just make use of your Bluetooth connection.

One of the cons of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD's bluetooth connection is that it doesn't come with a bluetooth file push option meaning that you can't just send files from Kindle to other devices or you can't initiate bluetooth transfers from your Kindle. Maybe that would be different for higher version of Kindle but the one I'm using doesn't allow one to send from Kindle to other devices. It can only receive incoming bluetooth transfers but does nothing to initiate outgoing transfers.

You can still receive files on your Kindle Fire HD once you have turned on the Bluetooth connection and paired the devices. Just initiate a bluetooth transfer from your other device and do same for Kindle. Let the two detect each other and you'd be able to pair them using a pairing key. Once connected, it would then be easier to do Bluetooth transfers to Kindle from another device.

With a bluetooth connection, you can transfer files supported by Kindle such as mp3, mp4, 3gp, jpg, png, pdfs and so on.

How to turn on Bluetooth on your Kindle
- Pull down the menu button
- Go to Wireless
- Tap on Bluetooth > On

Once your Kindle bluetooth is switched on as well as your other device, you can then begin the file transfer.


Re: Using Bluetooth on your Kindle Fire HD Reply by HB on Friday December 5, 2014 at 3:6:44:

I cannot make a connection on my HD7 with available, compatible Bluetooth in my home. Does not detect any Bluetooth though I know it is operational. Does this kindle send a signal or just receive?

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