7 inch Old Kindle Fire HD vs 7 inch Kindle Fire HDX

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Posted by on Thursday September 26, 2013 at 10:6:21:

It happens that the next generation Kindle HD tablets have arrived and Amazon has decided to name them Kindle Fire HDX. The Kindle Fire HDx generation comes in 2 sizes: 8.9 inch and 7 inches. There is also a new Kindle Fire HD that comes without a camera. I guess one difference between the old KFHD and the KFHDX is the X that comes with the latter.

I recently visited the Amazon website and noticed that the old Kindle Fire HD was no longer available and that there were now newer versions called HDXes. The old Kindle Fire hd sold at about $199 and later at about $159

Would I ditch my old 7 inch Kindle Fire HD for the new 7 inch KFHDX? Well, maybe not yet as there are still a lot of reasons why I still love my KFHD.

Some features of the 7 inch KFHDX
- It has dual band WiFi but no dual antennae
- It has a faster processor
- It has a front facing camera
- It is priced at $229
- It comes with tech support via MayDay

Some features of the old 7 inch Kindle Fire HD
- It has dual band WiFi and dual antennae
- It is priced at $199
- It is heavier than the HDX
- It has a front facing camera

Why would I ditch my old Kindle Fire HD just because of Mayday, lighter size and a faster processor? Well, maybe I'll think about it first.


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