Do Nigerians use original Windows license?

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Posted by on Thursday October 17, 2013 at 8:19:16:

The cost of getting a cracked CD version of Microsoft's Windows Operating system is at about N150($1) at the local computer market. You'd find software vendors almost everywhere and in most markets where computers are sold. As at the time of writing this, the latest Windows OS available in the market is Windows 8 and there are already cracked versions available in cities across Nigeria.

For most people who use computer systems such as internet cafes, business centers and small businesses, not many of them know the difference between a fake Windows software and an original one. For the few that are aware of it, the cost of getting an original Windows license seems too high as an investment.

Personally, when I started using computers back then as an undergraduate, I just used a cloned desktop and didn't really bother what windows it was running, whether it was genuine or not since with limited knowledge I only knew how to use programs and not how to manage my Operating system. Now I know better and only use original Windows OS for my PC.

So, I guess, for most Nigerians, there are 2 main reasons why they don't use original Windows software:

- The cost
- Lack of knowledge or awareness

What is a Windows license? A Windows license is a permission that is given to a Windows user by Microsoft to enable the person have rights to using the Windows operating system on their PC. So Windows license involves obtaining permission from Microsoft (who are the owners of Window’s software) in order to use their software. A software license is issued from the software company in order to give you permission to use a software package. Since Microsoft have the original rights to Windows, they alone are able to give other people the rights to use their software. When someone uses a Windows OS without obtaining rights legally from Microsoft, he is liable to be charged to court and pay for damages.

Do majority of Nigerians really use an Original Windows license? The answer to this question is No. Majority of Nigerians do not make use of Window’s license. And this is because:

- They preface the cheaper version which is the cracked or the hacked versions (Cost).

- Some people cannot afford to buy the licensed versions of the software which is more expensive (Cost).

- Most people do not know where and how to order and purchase these licenses packages so they end up buying the hacked versions (Awareness)

- Some are lied to the sellers of the software that they are original copies, while the truth is that they are not the licensed copies (Awareness)

These are some of the reasons why most Nigerians do not use Window’s Licensed software

Disadvantages of using a cracked Windows software
The truth is that even though Microsoft may not be able to persecute the millions of people in Nigeria who use a cracked Windows software, there are still some demerits of using it and these includes the following:

- It can destroy your laptop or system, if you do not have regular security updates and you can't have regular security updates properly if using a cracked version.

- No automatic updates of the software when newer versions are released

- Cracked versions do not come with warranty, in case anything goes wrong with it

- Cracked software copies have low security and can crash at any time.

- You live in fear of being caught in police raid sponsored by Microsoft and this is bad if you are running a big company.

- Your PC may not work properly with top antivirus programs and hence would be more prone to viruses

- Your system can crash a lot of times and you end up having to do re-installations. Believe me, I've experienced this a lot in the past.

Ways Microsoft can encourage the use of original Windows software in Nigeria

- Enlightening people on the importance of purchasing and using an original window’s license using the media.

- Also let them know the risk and dangers of not using an original Windows license

- The company should always make original copies of the license available and affordable for easy purchase

Ways to get original Windows software
- Get the CD version from authorized Microsoft dealers in Nigeria. This is the most expensive option
- You can get it cheaper if you buy brand new computers that come pre-installed with Windows. Don' buy a new PC that doesn't have original Windows already installed.
- You can also get a corporate version installed by visiting Microsoft dealers but you don't get a CD.


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