Amazon offers Kindle tablet at 40 percent discount for Non-US customers

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Posted by on Friday February 14, 2014 at 9:21:38:

Amazon is currently offering up to 40% off the price of their best selling tablets - Kindle Fire for Non-US customers. The Kindle Fire HDx is a great device to have because of it's portability, ability to access the web, entertain users and most especially for reading digital books. The Kindle Fire can do a whole lot of things basic computers can do and if you feel that it's lacking in anyway, it has apps that can make up for that.

Amazon does offer a lot of discount and offers from time to time and I do remember that they did so too for only US customers at a time but now, it seems this offer is for Non-US customers only and this would have to be in countries where Amazon ships the Kindle.

What this means is that for most international customers resident in countries where Amazon ships the Kindle and does offer support, they can now buy this intelligent device for a discount and I guess this would even compensate for shipping costs. Perhaps Amazon should just create a simple Kindle and offer it for $100.

Personally, I'm still pissed that Amazon doesn't offer direct shipping of Kindle to countries like Nigeria yet, a big market, but they do already offer support and ship to other African countries like Ghana, Kenya, Benin, Cameroon, Botswana, South Africa, Ivory Coast and so on. It's funny that Nigeria has a bigger market than most of these other African countries and yet I still wonder why Amazon skipped Nigeria.

Well, this doesn't mean that Nigerians can't buy the Amazon Kindle and still get it shipped to their doorstep because I'm already using one here and it works quite well. I wrote on how I bought and shipped my Kindle Fire to Nigeria and how I also accessed the apps, music and instant videos from their store.

Amazon Kindle would be available at a discount for a limited time only to Non-US customers and I guess this is mainly in European, Asian and some African countries where Amazon is still aiming to dominate the tablet market.

An Amazon Kindle tablet is one of the most affordable tablets to buy given that most other tablets tend to sell at a high price. The iPad sells from $300+, Samsung Galaxy tab sells from

Currently, the new Kindle Fire HD which normally sells for $154(To international users) is now selling for $134 and the Kindle Fire HDX which normally sells for $244 now sells for $204 to international buyers. What this means is that people would be able to buy at a discount of $20 and $40 respectively.

Re: Amazon offers Kindle tablet at 40 percent discount for Non-US customers Reply by larry on Wednesday June 25, 2014 at 19:43:56:

i'm considering buying a tablet but want something i can easily browse the net with (preferably with my sim card) at a good speed ,read ebooks and take notes . What wud yuo recommend? I prefer android cuz it has more apps than other platforms. How dyu configure ur kindle for net browsing?

Re: Amazon offers Kindle tablet at 40 percent discount for Non-US customers Reply by Felix Okoli on Wednesday June 25, 2014 at 19:43:56:

You can get a Google nexus or Kindle Fire HDX. As for browsing with my Kindle, I normally use a public or private Wifi internet service. I got a Wifi modem(MTN Hynet) at home with I use for private browsing.

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