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Posted by on Friday February 21, 2014 at 18:5:52:

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How much does the iPad Air sell in Nigeria? Well it would of course be a bit more than what Apple normally sells it in the USA since it is not produced in Nigeria.

For the purpose of checking the least price for an iPad Air, we would have to consider the most affordable package for this model. We would have to strip out things like extra memory and 3G

Well, when it comes to the pricing of iPads, I guess we already know that the prices are based on 2 things - The internal memory and 3G Connectivity. All iPads come with at least some internal memory and Wifi connectivity.

The more an iPad's internal memory size, the more the price and same goes also for newer models of the device. Another thing that normally increases the price of an iPad is the internet connection available. Is it a Wifi only option or does it include 3G(uses a Sim card)? WiFi only models are cheaper than WiFi + 3G.

So the bottom line is that we want to know how much the cheapest Apple iPad air goes for in Nigeria? How much is a stripped down version of the iPad air?

Well, prices tend to vary from store to store but it starts from above the retail price of $499(N84,830) which Apple officially sells it for. So, if one wants to buy an Apple iPad for the least cost in Nigeria, he may have to find a way of buying it directly from Apple and that mostly requires a US shipping address.

Now, there are many online shopping websites in Nigeria and also local stores that sell Apple products such as the iPad and by the time I'm writing this post, the tablet is already available in most retail stores across Nigeria.

How much is the iPad Air then? Well I first checked out 2 main sites which are Konga and Jumia. At Konga, a Silver iPad Air which was WiFi and 16GB goes for only ₦117,500 which even came at a discount of their initially listed price of ₦129,000.

At Jumia, another top shopping website, I noticed that they were selling the tablet at ₦119,995 which was a cool drop from the initially listed price of ₦142,280. Besides, Jumia's tablet was for the Wifi+3G model and the price was just an extra ₦2495 above Konga's Wifi only model.

Although Apple Inc sells the iPad for about N84,830(i.e. $499 where $1 equals N170), it sells for above N100,000(about $588) in Nigeria and I guess they've factored in a lot of things into that such as shipping costs and custom duties. However, I'm expecting that prices would gradually drop as the tablet becomes more available in the market and there is an increasing number of importers bringing it in. Who knows? It may very well sell for under N100k in a few months time.

I do believe that by the time Apple releases a newer iPad, the iPad air would no longer be that expensive as it is right now.

Who is buying the iPad Air in Nigeria? Who can really afford to buy an iPad when there are laptops and computers in the market under N50,000? Well, it seems to be fashionable nowadays to have an iPad and there also seem to a be a huge number of Appleholics in this country and it is not just the comfortably rich but for most young people who can afford it.


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