3 Things you can do to make your computer run faster

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Posted by on Wednesday April 9, 2014 at 16:54:4:

When you first start using a new laptop, you normally notice that it has a much faster response and all programs alterady installed tend to work pretty fast enough. However, as times passes on and you've used the laptop for auite a while storing files and accessing a lot of data, there probably comes a time when your laptop would start slowing down. At times programs would just hang and stop working and at times the whole system itself gets generally slow. What do you do to get your computer back on its feet again?

Well there are 2 things I know that you can do to make your computer run faster and these are:

1 - Storing files in an external drive
2 - Increasing your RAM size
3 - Uninstalling programs

Any of the three or a combination can really make your system run a bit faster than it is doing right now.

1. Store your files in an external folder:
We tend to store a lot of files in our Computer and most of them are rarely used. These files tend to take up some space in the computer system and end up slowing down your computer. This is why a your computer tends to slow down as you use it more often. It is because of the growing number of files. Get an external Hard drive and move those your files there. Your system is designed to run fast enough with the limited files it came with from the factory.

2. Increase your RAM size: Yes, adding more RAM to your computer can actually make it more faster. I was using 512 RAM on a Windows 7 powered laptop and later noticed that my system was hanging. It wasn't until I actually bought more RAM units of 1GB each and upgraded my RAM size to 2GB that my computer became much faster. So if your computer is slow, try and check your current RAM size and see if your Operating system and hardware supports RAM upgrade. Try and check how much RAM your Operating system can work with and add more to it and you'd be surprised at how fast it can run

3. Uninstall programs: There are probably a lot of programs you installed yourself that didn't come with the laptop. Those programs would eventually slow down your computer since it uses up its memory. Try uninstalling those programs you rarely use and it would work faster. You can use your control to see which programs use the most memory and the ones that are rarely used before coming to a decision.

I bought a 1GB RAM from Amazon

Re: 3 Things you can do to make your computer run faster Reply by k on Tuesday May 20, 2014 at 14:8:17:

i see u bot d ram frm amzn. Wat was the process u used to buy and ship to 9ja. Tell me step by step. Can i buy laptops etc from them !?

Re: 3 Things you can do to make your computer run faster Reply by Felix Okoli on Tuesday May 20, 2014 at 14:8:17:

Yes you can buy laptops from Amazon. Just first of all get an Amazon account and then also get a US mail forwarding address.
You'd also need to have a Visa or Mastercard for making payment.

Add your card details to your Amazon account and use your Nigerian address as the billing address. The shipping address will be the US address you are given from your mail forwarding service. Anytime you want to buy things on Amazon, just ship to that US address and they'll ship it to you in Nigeria.

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