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Posted by on Thursday April 10, 2014 at 9:45:29:

One of the most common programs being used on Personal computers nowadays is Microsoft Word. Ms Word is used mostly for writing text documents which can be printed into a physical copy or stored on the computer.

Microsoft office has come a long way and has had a lot of upgrades which has made it the best Word processing program for computers.

With the introduction of mini computers a.k.a. tablets, there has also been a growing need to replace laptops and desktops completely with tablets but the bottomline has always been that those computers can still do a lot more work and run more programs than tablets can do.

One of the reasons why many people still don't believe that tablets can replace PCs such as laptops or Desktops is because they tend to come with a smaller memory and space which is insufficient for running Microsoft Office programs which has become a necessary part of computers.

Of all the Computer tablets that we do have in the market right now, it s the Apple iPad that is the most respected and best performing brand. The iPad represents the best technology and design tablet computers have ever had but it has not yet been able to completely overtake the usefulness of Laptops.

Well, recently, Microsoft has released a lighter version of their MS office and this one is just suitable for the iPad.

The Microsoft Office Mobile is the name and it is basically a stripped down version of the Windows MS office. Ms OFFICE Mobile is an app designed in an acceptable format for the iPad which would allow iPad users to be able to type text documents on their iPad just as they do on their computers. It may however come with limited functionality because it is not exactly the same software as

Think you still don't need an iPad because it lacks MS office? Well think again because this time, MS office is now available on the iPad.


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