How to install a camera app on your Kindle

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Posted by on Tuesday April 22, 2014 at 14:30:39:

If your Kindle tablet came with an inbuilt camera, you can activate that camera by also installing an app for it.

There are many Android camera apps that can work for your Kindle camera and you can find a lot of them on the Amazon Kindle store.

It can be hard finding a way to start using the camera on your Kindle and if you got a similar one like I did - Kindle Fire HD, you might be a bit confused of how to actually start using the camera which was only linked to Skype.

If you've searched through your installed apps on your Kindle tablet and don't see a camera application there but there is still a physical camera on your device, then you can activate and start using the camera by installing a suitable app for it.

Some camera apps allow you to take pictures while others allow you to take both pictures and do video recording. The quality of the pictures will ultimately depend on the quality of your camera as well as the camera app.

You can find a lot of camera apps suited for your Kindle and produced by different publishers. Some of them are free and some of them as so cool that it's worth paying for.

How to do it
- Open up your Kindle Fire HD
- Connect to a wireless internet connection by switching on WiFi
- Go to Apps
- Search for camera on the appstore
- Select the one you want, download and install
- Go to Apps > Device > Camera and open the app you installed

You'd now be able to use camera on your Kindle.


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