Windows 7: Printer hangs and won't stop saying deleting or printing

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Posted by on Saturday August 2, 2014 at 12:56:26:

I've been having this problem a lot on my Windows 7 Professional powered computer and it has to do with when I'm running printing jobs using my HP connected printers.

One of the first things I normally do when I run into computer problems is to Google the exact problem. The Googling normally provides me with a lot of answers related to the tech related stuff and some of them have been really helpful.

Some Answers provided by people
Some of the solutions suggested by online posts made on forums and blogs by people who have had the same issue with the printer hanging includes the following:

1. Restarting your computer
2. Restarting your Printer
3. Restarting the spooler service from your Task manager

Anyway, there is a 4th and better option if you are using Windows 7 or other similar Operating system. You can simply use your Windows printer troubleshooting service.

What I've noticed about the printing problem is that it's not really the printer's fault but that of the Operating system as there has been a hiccup in it's printing service. You will have to resolve the problem by helping your computer to refresh its memory as regards to printing.

How to solve this issue:
- On your computer, Go to start > control panel
- Under Hardware and Sound, go to View Devices and printers
- Right click on the troubled Printer and click troubleshoot.
- Allow Windows to detect the problem and try fixing it it automatically. It may include restarting the spooler service for you or providing some suggestions to correct the error.

After the troubleshooting has completed, you will be able to print new jobs. In my own case, Windows detected that an old print job which hung was preventing newer jobs from being printed.

So, at times, you might experience your Printer hanging and it may keep saying printing or deleting but nothing seems to be happening. All you need to do is allow Windows to use troubleshooting to solve the printing issue.

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