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Posted by on Tuesday August 11, 2015 at 16:48:52:

I recently downloaded and installed Windows 10 on 2 laptops in Nigeria but it used up a lot of my data. My first installation which was done msotly online used up to 8GB while the second installation which was done without any updates or internet connection from my fladh drive used less than 3GB. Given that cost of itnernet service in Nigeria, I have to say that it cost me a bit but it's better than having to actually buy the software from the market when it starts retailing from about $110.

Windows 10 is now available for free download to users on Windows 7 and 8 and this is a tutorial on how you can download it easily, even if you are in Nigeria.

Things you'll need
- An internet connection with at least 3GB(for offline install)
- A USB flash drive with up to 8GB free space
- An existing Windows installation with valid keys

How to do it
A. Download the Media Creation Tool (pre-downloader)
1. Visit Microsoft's official Windows 10 download page

2. Choose to download the Media Creation Tool by selecting your computer system version e.g. 32 bit or 64 bit

3. Open and run the media creation tool

4. Choose to Create installation media for another PC and click on next

5. Insert your flash drive and ensure that it is empty

6. Choose a language e.g .English international and other details e.g. Windows 10 then Click next

7. Choose which media to use for storing the program e.g. Flash Drive or Iso file(for CD storage by burning). I chose flash drive

The Windows 10 installation files will be downloaded to your flash drive

B. Installing Windows 10
After the files have been downloaded, the next step has to do with installing the main program on your existing Windows system. You can alway choose to leave your files and settings during the installation or clean everything by choosing nothing.

1. Insert the flash drive or iso disc on the computer where you want to install Windows 10

2. The Windows installation will begin and you can avoid downloading updates by choosing not right now and clicking next

3. When it's Ready to Install, Check items you want to keep or else allow it to wipe off everything by choosing nothing.

4. Click on Next

5. Click to Install

6. Allow the install to take place. Your computer may switch off and several times

7. Follow the installation to completing by answering questions and choosing options when asked.

Personal opinion:
The new Window 10 OS makes desktop look like a Nokia Lumia home page. It looks sleek, works fast and there is a new browser called Microsoft Edge.

The first installation I did was fully online and I did it using my mobile phone's 3G service and data plan that I purchased at N1 for 1MB. It used up to 8GB since there were a lot of updates involved. However, the second installation which I did came from a flash drive and in all, it used less than 3GB although I may end up using more if I start allowing updates on the new Windows 10 system.

My system now works faster, looks lighter and I think I can always revert back to Windows 7 if I'm unsatisfied since I didn't do a clean install or delete my old files.

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