Dillish is the winner of Big Brother Chase 2013

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Posted by on Tuesday August 27, 2013 at 9:38:53:

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The 8th season of Big Brother Africa has finally come to an end as 91 days have elapsed since the housemates first entered the house.

It was a chase like no other and the lady who is a self proclaimed Princess finally wins to become the 3rd Queen of BBA.

Why did I call her the 3rd? Well, although it is not common for women to win Big Brother Africa, there have been at least 2 women before her who have won the prize and this includes Cherise from Zambia and Karen from Nigeria.

It somehow seems that more southern African woman have won than compared to other regions in Africa. I somehow knew that Dillish would emerge the winner given the way Africa has been constantly voting to save her despite her numerous nominations by Big Brother housemates.

She never became a head of house but was still friendly with everyone while she entertained an already mesmerized African public. She kept BBA fans glued to their tv as she entertained them with her skills from Namibia.

She was successful in kicking out 3 West Africans and a Zambian in order to remain the only person standing.

This is the 8th season of Big Brother and she won a big one this time with a price tag of $300,000 besides the other benefits of fame which Biggie's show has already given her.


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