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Being able to watch live tv on the go with your mobile phone can be entertaining and although many Nigerians are already aware of the DSTV mobile package available on the MTN network, the constraint was that the service was mostly limited to certain devices.

What if you could watch live tv on your mobile phone even if it doesn't come witha mobile tv application? Well, MTN Nigeria already offers a plan that allows subscribers to watch tv channels on their mobile phones using their mobile internet capability.

Nowadays, it is no longer only on the DSTV mobile capable phones that one can watch live tv, it's also possible on most mobile internet capable phones, thanks to networks like MTN Nigeria.

This new service allows more phones to show live streaming videos to people who would have otherwise not be able to watch tv on the dstv mobile platform.

MTN's Mobile tv service is one that works on most mobile phones that can browse the web and it basically requires a subscriber to go to the official mobile tv page at

How to subscribe to MTN Mobile tv
- Visit the official MTN MOBILE tv webpage
- Select a plan that you want
- Confirm and make payment with your MTN sim credit
- Enjoy watching live tv on the mobile internet platform

Plans available on the MTN Mobile TV service range from as low as N350 for 7 days to N2500 per month on a data limit of 75mb to 5000mb respectively. Yes, the mobile tv service is limited to both date used and a validity time period.

Since MTN's Mobile TV service operates on the Mobile internet platform unlike the DSTV mobile service which operates on a DVB-B platform, chances are that it may also be affected by changing internet speed and hence may not function properly during congestion periods.


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mobile tv subsciption

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