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Posted by on Monday November 25, 2013 at 11:7:10:

When it comes to getting the right quality MP3 version of your favourtie songs, one of the best places you can get them is the mp3 store. This is basically a US based website that hosts a lot of songs in form of digital files and they are always ready to download as long as you have the right tools.

However, due to the fact that the MP3 website is mainly located in the USA, people who seek to purchase songs from outside the USA may find it hard to do. A potential MP3 buyer from a country like Nigeria trying to buy songs from Amazon may face some obstacles that would limit his ability to purchase those mp3 files. This doesn't mean that you can't buy MP3 songs from Amazon if you were outside the USA, you just need to at least have some things in place before doing so.

I recently tried to buy mp3 songs from the AMazon website but got the error, "We are sorry...
We could not process your order. The sale of MP3 Downloads is currently only available to US customers".

This is a common restriction a lot of people who want to purchase mp3 from outside the USA get when they visit the website and this is basically as a result of two basic things, a US billing card and a US ip. In most cases, they may not even restrict you if were using a Nigeria ip address but as long as you have a US billing card on file, you'd be able to buy songs from Amazon.

What to do
Simple purchase a Virtual Credit card that comes with a US billing address
- Add that card to your account
- Go to your account 1-click settings
- Add that US card and US address to your 1-click settings
- Proceed to the mp3 center
- Browse for the song you want
- Click to buy it
- You will also be able to immediately download it to your computer or Kindle table.

The song is yours and you can always download it from your cloud anytime you want.

Now you'd be able to purchase mp3 songs from the Amazon website even if you were outside the USA.

Geographic restrictions: I've also noticed that there may times when a buyer may face some restrictions as a result of his geographic location. You can simply overcome that also purchasing a US VPN service. The service works in conjunction with your internet connection and helps in changing your ip address to a US address when you connect to it. With a US ip address, you'd be able to access a lot of US only websites such as Amazon even if you were outside the USA.

If you VCC balance finishes, what do you do?
Well, as long as the card has not yet expired, you cna still keep in your account and simply buy a gift card with your country's issued prepaid Visa or Mastercard and you'd be able to settly your bills with the gift card. I've bought a lot of songs using my gift card balance and my US card was not even debited.

Last time I checked, Amazon has over 20 million mp3 songs in their database and this is quite a lot if you ask me. It's not just US or European songs that are available there but you can even find Indian and Nigerian songs too.

So whether you are looking for an oldie song like the ones from Oliver De coque, Shina peters, Osadebe or ABBA, you can get the original quality sound from Amazon rather than having to rely on file sharing sites where the quality may be compromised.

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