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Posted by on Wednesday April 9, 2014 at 9:41:14:

For the many Kindle users who also love to watch African movies online, there is an ap for that on the Amazon kindle store and it's called Afrinolly.

Afrinolly is an Android powered app that runds on most Android devices like the Kindle Fire and other tablets plus phones. It is available for free on Amazon's Kindle store as well as on other Android supported websites like Google Play and Opera Apps.

The app was which is published by Fans Connect Online Limited was made available on the Kindle store as at June 28, 2012.

It is basically a free app for now that allows users to simply click to download, install and then start streaming movies from the internet.

If you are a fan of Nigeria's Nollywood or India's Bollywood, you'd find Afrinolly a great app and there are multiple videos to choose from.

How it basically works is that once started up, it browses and looks for available African movies and then allows a user to have access to those movies via streaming meaning that they start playing almost as soon as they download in bits.

Afrinolly for Android requires and internet connection and so one needs broadband speed to be able to enjoy watching entertaining tv on this app.


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