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Posted by on Wednesday April 9, 2014 at 17:57:21:

Before PayTV services like DSTV came into Nigeria, Nigerians had always being entertained by watching local tv channels, free to air tv and home videos. Even now that DSTV is almost like a monopoly, it doesn't mean the average Nigerian can't still entertain himself by watching TV without being stuck with DSTV.

DSTV's cable tv is really a great service brought to Nigeria by Multichoice and it has really helped people see what's happening around the world rather than being stuck with local tv stations and so I won't say it has not been helpful.

Nigerians however do need alternative services from time to time and these alternatives have always been there and would probably continue to be there.

The big question then is: Are there really any alternatives to DSTV in Nigeria?

Yes they are and even though there are few, I'm just going to list some of them here:

1. Local Nigerian TV (Requires TV and antennae)
2. Free to Air TV
3. Internet TV streaming(Requires internet+computer)
4. Startimes Nigeria
5. MyTv
6. Trend TV

Local Nigerian TV
When was the last time you watched tv without using a decoder? Well, that has always been the case before all these Pay tv services overtook the nooks and cranies in Nigeria but local tv channels will always be there on your UHF channels. You can get most local channels in Nigeria that cover your zone such as NTA, Silverbird, ChannelsTV, AIT as well as state channels. All it basically requires is an antennae and a compatible TV and using an external antennae can give you clearer pictures.

Free To Air TV
There are growing number of TV channels that are beamed to countries like Nigeria that you can watch on your local TV. It normally requires a dish for it and a TV. You just need to mount a dish and face it in the direction of the signals you want to receive. It is a bit more technical than setting up an antennae for local tv and so you may require the help of an expert. You will need to connect one end of the cable to your dish and the other end to your TV. Free to Air TV signals are normally sent from satellites and can be captured by special dishes similar to DSTV dishes. You can choose to connect to the hundreds of satellites in space and it gives you access to more tv channels that you local tv stations.

Internet TV
This is basically about watching TV channels on the internet. You would at least need an internet service for this and because of the amount of data being used by media content, I recommend going for an unlimited data plan. There are lots of tv channels available on the internet from where you can stream live tv from and you just need to connect your table to the web and you'd be able to access them. Android tablets require and android app and different devices also require different apps. Some internet TV channels can also be accessed through your device's browser whether it's on a laptop or mobile phone. It requires a fast internet connection to enjoy the viewing experience so that it doesn't buffer. Some devices also allow you to connect your TV to the internet so that you'd simply be able to stream from there.

StarTimes TV
This is another TV service that can serve as an alternative to your DSTV. Startimes TV is a prepaid PAYTV that works with a dish and decoder that allows you to watch some local Nigeria TV as well as some select international TV channels. They currently offer one of the cheapest Pay TV plans in Nigeria from as low as N1000 per month. Their channels include TBN, Iqra, Nat Geo Gold, Crime Explorer, NBA TV, Aljazeera, Setanta, France 24, Nickelodeon, E! Entertainment, MGM, MSNBC, MTV Base, NTA Entertainment, NTA 24 News, BET, Silverbird, CCTV News and so on. StarTimes is popular in Nigeria. Website is at

MyTV is also a cool alternative PAY tv service to DSTV. Channels on MYTV include AIT, Aljazeera, BBC World, BET, Eurosports, MyTV Hausa, MyTV Yoruba, NTA and others. Website is at

Trend TV
Trend TV is a growing Pay TV service also available to Nigerians who want something a bit different from DSTV. Channels available on Trend TV are Nollywood Movies, Nollywood Movies+, CTL Africa, The African dance channel, Africa comedy channel, Ngozi(Igbo channel), Fumilayo(Yoruba channel), Lest We forget, EWTN, Aljazeera and others. Their website is at


Re: Alternatives to DSTV in Nigeria Reply by donald on Monday September 15, 2014 at 14:31:52:

nyc work ur doin bro,please wil lik to knw how i can attract dstv channels to my tv without d knowledge of my neighbor.tnx

Re: Alternatives to DSTV in Nigeria Reply by Felix Okoli on Monday September 15, 2014 at 14:31:52:

I don't think you can do that and besides, it would be illegal.

Re: Alternatives to DSTV in Nigeria Reply by on Tuesday May 26, 2015 at 9:22:51:

The receiver powers installation on TV NOT VIDEO

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