DSTV Error e48-32: How I got rid of it

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Posted by on Wednesday November 2, 2016 at 17:7:4:

Watching different channels on DSTV can be exciting but it can also be worrying to you if you end up not being able to view any channels even though your subscription is active.

I recently had a problem with my DSTV as I got the error E48-32 after I switched on my DSTV decoder. My subscription came with extra HD view but I was not able to view any channels on both TVs they were connected to.

The DSTV Error E48-32 I got gave more details saying: "There is no signal. This may be due to bad weather or a faulty connection in the installation"

Well, since the weather was not the problem as the sky was clear and it didn't seem like rain was about to fall, I figured it had to be a faulty connection in the cables somewhere. I also figured that the problem was not with the dish since the signal had always been strong and no one moved the dish.

I had to start tracing for the cable connection around the decoder and noticed that a cable was loose around the DSTV switch and I plugged them in real tight and behold, my channels started showing up as the error disappeared.

So, if you also run into the same error, don't be in a hurry to call a DSTV technician which may cast you extra money, you should first ensure that all the cables coming in an out of your decoder were not loose hence causing a faulty connection. If you are still unable to correct the error on your own, you may then call DSTV for assistance.

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