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Posted by on Tuesday February 4, 2014 at 13:7:5:

One of the top online shopping websites in Nigeria is Jumia and after I have decided to give them a try, one problem I find myself having is that they do have is the inability of a customer to schedule the delivery time and date.

What I mean is that for now, Jumia doesn't allow customers to choose their preferred time of delivery or date and for me, this is really disappointing. I would even prefer doing a personal pickup at any of their close outlets if they have any but for now they don't.

Shopping online is a good thing for Nigerians and it's even cooler that one can opt to do payment on delivery but what really pushes me away is the fact that you can't place a finger on their delivery time. This means that one would have to wait at home or office for a whole day or even more just to receive a delivery from Jumia.

Waiting for an item to get delivered by Jumia takes about 1 to 8 days, even in Lagos and you don't even get to know which exact time or period of the day they would be coming.

I had ordered for an item on Jumia a few days ago and I was already expecting their delivery on a particular day. I had to wait at my home for a full day and yet Jumia did not deliver to me even though they said that items would be shipped the next day if I resided in Lagos. Infact, even their delivery dates are not guaranteed and this is really pitiful.

Ok, I later got another email from Jumia telling me that my item would be delivered the next day after it had shipped and they did not even send an apology for the fact that they failed to deliver on the scheduled date.

The bottomline is that one can't really choose the best date and time frame to receive an order at your shipping address from Jumia and I think they should incorporate this into their services in the future. It doesn't matter if they don't offer 24 hr delivery to all parts of Lagos yet but at least, they should allow customers to choose which particular date they want it and what time frame too so they can wait for it without waiting endlessly like I'm doing right now.

Jumia doesn't also have an efficient delivery tracking system yet and so one would not even know when their courier units would be available in one's town or locality. This is unlike what obtains when tracking for shipped items using DHL or Fedex. I find those ones more comfortable to work with.

I normally shop on sites like Amazon and eBay and I also get to know which exact date and time frame my package would be arriving my address in Nigeria.


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