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Posted by on Friday February 21, 2014 at 9:12:21:

As a computer user living in Nigeria, one of the assets which one ought to have is a personal computer and if you were living in a country where there is an inefficient power supply, owning battery powered computers such as laptops and tablets only make the most economic sense.

Although I would say Desktops are really good and efficient for a business, it is much better to make use of a laptop than a Desktop if you were living in Nigeria since the latter requires constant electricity and more space which makes them less attractive than laptops.

I remember when I bought my first PC for about N50,000($600) around 1999 and this was a Desktop computer that came bundled with a Windows 98 Operating system. I used it for a while and it lasted but later on the motherboard crashed. Since then, I've used a lot of Desktop PCs but have not really enjoyed them the way I now enjoy using laptops.

Laptops are more portable, take less space, require less external parts(peripherals) and can work when there is no electricity supply. I think that last factor is the most important. Although one can run a Desktop for up to 24 hrs in Nigeria using a generator or a battery powered inverter, it doesn't make as much economic sense as when using a laptop or tablet. Those 2 come with an internal battery that can be recharged and used up to 2 hrs or more.

Nowadays, I can use my laptop for up to 6 hrs or more since I have about 4 laptop batteries apart from the one I'm currently using. Having an independent and efficient power supply is what makes me prefer using laptops to Desktops. Who knows? Perhaps when I move to Ghana or any other country where there is constant electricity, I may then switch to using Desktops.

Well, since I've fallen in love with Laptops and I now know how to buy stuff and Amazon and ship to Nigeria, I've resolved to getting all my laptops and computer resources from Amazon.

I'm now used to buying things like laptops, tablets, digital cameras, flash drives and memory cards from Amazon and ship them to my doorstep in Nigeria.

When it comes to buying computers and laptops from sites like Amazon, I only recommend you do so only if it would save you more money than if you were to buy the same stuff at a local shop in Nigeria or from one of the numerous online shopping websites.

Well, personally, there are many other reasons why I prefer buying stuff directly from Amazon and one of them is on the issue of quality. At times, I've found out that stuff being sold in Nigeria tend to come with low quality and this is normally common with products that are made in China. So, I normally check first if the stuff I'm buying from Amazon is of high quality and is made in the USA. It's not that all stuff that were made in China are of low quality but just most of the stuff one finds in Nigeria at most computer dealers.

Another reason why I buy stuff directly from Amazon is on the issue of trust when buying brand new stuff. At times, when you go to a local computer retail shop, you could be swindled into buying a refurbished laptop as though it was a new one. At times it may even come well packaged and sealed but it is not exactly new. With sites like Amazon, I can buy brand new stuff or refurbished ones and know for a fact that this is what I'm buying.

So how do I buy from Amazon?
Well, I buy just like how other normal people do. I make use of my Amazon buyer's account and pay with my Visa or Mastercard., unlike most other USA based websites accept Nigerians to register and also accept our bank issued cards. The only drawback is that they don't ship most things directly to Nigeria.

How then do I get my items shipped from Amazon USA to Nigeria?
Well, for that, I make use of a USA shipping service. They provide me with a USA address that allows me to receive most items I have bought from Amazon and then help me ship it to Nigeria using DHL or Fedex for a small shipping fee.

DHL or Fedex now ships the item directly from my USA address to my Nigerian home address.

If you are in Nigeria and interested in shopping on websites like Amazon, just ensure that you don't buy things that are import prohibited and don't try to use a stolen credit/debit card. Just be honest and you'd enjoy shopping with Amazon.

How I buy laptops from Amazon
- I simply go to the Amazon laptop center
- Browse through laptops and add the one I want to my cart
- Proceed to checking out
- Use the US address given to me as the shipping address
- Use my Nigerian Visa/Mastercard details in the billing
- Laptops will be shipped within a few days.

You can save on shipping cost with Amazon by simply making use of free shipping and this is mostly available for laptops since you are spending more than $40.


Re: How I buy laptops on Amazon and ship to Nigeria Reply by Joseph on Monday May 4, 2015 at 18:6:15:

Please i need a help from amazon i have be order an item since from amazon but they did not accept my address. What can i do pls

Re: How I buy laptops on Amazon and ship to Nigeria Reply by Felix Okoli on Monday May 4, 2015 at 18:6:15:

If Amazon did not accept to ship to your Nigerian address directly, then get a US shipping address which will also help forward it to Nigeria after Amazon has delivered it. That's how I bought laptops from Amazon. There are some things they will send directly and there are some that you have to make use of a US shipping service.

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