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Posted by on Thursday April 24, 2014 at 14:56:35:

A friend of mine just got paid by Google Adsense via a wire transfer to his account in Nigeria and it's a good feeling knowing that this is a much faster way to get paid as an adsense publisher in Nigeria.

He has been receiving Adsense payments in Nigeria by means of a foreign cheque normally issued by DHL from Google Ireland as most other Nigerian publishers were in the past but lately, in March, Google introduced a better form for publishers and this is called Wire Transfer.

It is currently the best way to get paid right now in Nigeria as a Google Adsense publisher and this would probably attract more people to join the program.

With a Wire transfer form of payment, money is normally sent to the account of the publisher in Nigeria from Google as the month end approaches and this will be for the previous month's earnings that is at least a $100.

Last month, he received an email from Google Adsense like most other publishers did of the new form of payment available in Nigeria and he simply selected wire transfer as the default form of payment. This required him to also provide bank wire transfer details for his domiciliary account in Nigeria.

The required details for anyone receiving Adsense payment in Nigeria include the following 4 things:

1. Account holder name
2. Bank name
3. SWIFT-BIC (Swift code)
4. Account number

Since the default payment currency now is in a foreign currency i.e. USD, it means that Nigerian publishers would only be able to receive payments into a foreign currency bank account and that's why domiciliary accounts are used.

The first set of payments made out to Nigerian adsene publishers through bank Wire from Google Ireland was sent in April 2014 and already, my friend has been able to withdraw within just 2 days from his bank. In the past, he had to wait for more than 21 working days after waiting for about 5 extra days just to get the cheque via DHL.

With this new payment feature from Google Adsnese, Nigerian publishers would now have course to smile and work harder in producing quality content. One of the things which made Adsense a bit unfavourable to website owners in Nigeria was due to the long wait in getting paid. With the new Wire transfer payment feature, Nigerian publishers would now be paid much faster and I don't think many would still stick to the old method of receiving cheques which, according to Google, would no longer be sent by DHL.

In order to be able to receive Wire transfer payments directly to your bank account from Google, you'd need to first select that option as your default form of payment and then include the bank details as listed above. One of the things that may confuse publishers might be on the issue of their bank's swift code.

If you are not sure about your bank's swift code, you should call your bank and confirm. You can as well make use of the swift codes for Nigerian banks listed on

Here are some SWIFT codes for some banks in Lagos Nigeria

Access bank Lagos ABNGNGLAXXX
Fidelity bank Lagos FIDTNGLAXXX
First Bank Lagos FBNINGLAXXX
Skye bank Lagos PRDTNGLAXXX
Sterling bank Lagos NAMENGLAXXX

After getting the update in your payment history that payment has been sent by Google, you should just wait for about 3 days and then confirm it at your bank before making a withdrawal from your domiciliary account.

My friend was able to withdraw this month's payment that came through a wire transfer even though the previous month's payment is yet to be credited by the bank.


Re: Adsense bank Wire transfer payment experience in Nigeria Reply by betapikin on Monday July 28, 2014 at 17:6:16:

pls for those who dont have dom account can we use normal accounts to receive payment?

Re: Adsense bank Wire transfer payment experience in Nigeria Reply by Felix Okoli on Monday July 28, 2014 at 17:6:16:

Yes you can use normal savings account. I heard that it also works but the exchange rate used by the bank might not be favourable to you. However, it works and you'd get paid in Naira for your Google adsense earnings

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