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Posted by on Wednesday May 21, 2014 at 11:8:32:

One of the coolest service being offered by is the Amazon Prime. You would need to subscribe to Amazon Prime membership if you want to enjoy the benefits.

Amazon Prime is basically a special membership service which Amazon offers to subscribers for just a flat fee per year which allows them to get away with a lot of stuff other Amazon members would not be able to.

Wouldn't you want to be able to buy anything you want on Amazon and get a free shipping on it and also within 2 days? This is what Amazon is offering to prime members as at this date. They'd get access to a lot of benefits which includes shopping discounts.

Amazon also has over 40,000 movies in it's library and you could have access to each of them for a flat fee. Other members would just have to pay about $1.99 per instant movie purchased but you could be breaking even and hence save money by the time you get to watch over 100 movies.

One of the things I normally like purchasing on Amazon is their instant movies but these movies tend to cost at least $5 and if you bought up to 20 movies in a year, it could cost you a total of $100. However, if you were an Amazon prime member, you could actually watch most of these movies for free and just pay a flat yearly fee of about $99.

Apart from shopping discounts and having access to thousands of internet movies, an Amazon prime membership also offers members access to thousands of Kindle content and these include a lot of ebooks. Members will be able to borrow these ebooks for free and there are actually over 500,000 titles of Kindle content which only make it seem inexhaustible.

I think if you are movie lover who wants to like having access to a lot of movies in both SD and HD format, it would save you money to just subscribe to Prime rather than buying movie titles one by one. If you are probably going to buy more than 10 movies in a year from Amazon, it would be cheaper to just subscribe to Prime.

So what are the benefits of being an Amazon Prime member
- Pay a flat fee and have access to over 40,000 movies in a year.
- Enjoy shopping discounts
- Enjoy free 2 day shipping
- Be able to borrow thousands of ebooks from the Kindle store

What else are you waiting for?
Get Amazon Prime (One Year Membership)


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