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Posted by on Tuesday July 15, 2014 at 17:12:10:

When it comes to the issue of finding alternative sources of electricity to power homes and offices, one of the most popular alternatives in Nigeria are Power generators. Power generators are machines designed to convert mechanical energy into electricity energy that is just suitable to supply one's home or office. The type of electricity that electricity generators normally provide is in the form of Alternative Current(A.C.) which is the required form that is needed by household and can conveniently replace power supply from the govt or power company.

Given the rising cost of energy and the fact that electricity demand in countries like Nigeria far outweighs its demand, it only makes sense for people nowadays be able to provide their own electricity by making use of independent mini power stations.

Everyone in Nigeria would probably buy at least one standby power generator just to complement the efforts of NEPA(Power company) if they can afford it but the fact that not everyone in Nigeria has the same financial strength, that is why Power generators have been designed by manufacturers at varying costs so that most people will be able to afford it according to how much they are able to spend.

One of the main things which Nigerians consider when buying an electricity or Power generator is the local price in Naira. How much do generators really cost in Nigeria? Well it varies from size to size and from power to power. From my experience, I've come to know that smaller generators tend to cost less than the bigger ones and more technologically advanced generators tend to cost more than the old ones if they are of equal sizes.

The price of generators in Nigeria depends on a lot of things such as the foreign exchange rate(Because they are normally imported), the manufacturer, the model and it's size.

One question you should ask yourself before buying a Generator in Nigeria is "How much budget do I really have?"

I've been able to get a price list of some electricity generators in Nigeria from various sources and I would just want to list them here:

Sumec Firman
- Sumec Firman Generator SPG 1200
- Sumec Firman 1.0 KVA Generator SPG 1800 N28,000
- Sumec Firman FPG 2800E2 Generator N39000
- Sumec Firman Generator SPG3000E2 N46,000
- Sumec Fireman Model Spg-6500e (5.5kva Recoil Keystart) N90,000

Liger Generators
- Liger 1.0KW Generator LG1800i N18,000
- Liger 1.2 KW Generator LG2100i N21,000
- Liger 2.5 KW Generator Yellow LG4000i N42,000
- Liger 6.5 KW Generator LG10000i-ACTS N148,000
- Liger 6.5 KW Generator LG10000i-S N125,000

Tiger Generators(Japanese)
- Tiger TPG2900E2 2.2KVA Generators with Key N39,000
- Tiger TPG3200EX 2.5KVA Generators N35,000
- Tiger TPG6500E2 5.0KVA Generator N80,000
- Tiger TG1800 900VA Generator N23,000 Naira to 27,000 Naira
- Tiger TPG2500 2.0KVA Generator N38,000
- Tiger TPG2500 2.0KVA Generator with Wheel - N40,000
- Tiger TPG2500E2 2.0KVA Generator with Key & Wheel N45,000
- Tiger TPG2900 2.0KVA Generator N34,000 to N39,000
- Tiger TPG2900 2.0KVA Gen with Wheel N40,000
- Tiger TPG3000 2.5KVA Genset N43,000
- Tiger TPG3000 2.5KVA Genset with Wheel N45,000
- Tiger TPG3000 2.5KVA Genset with Key & Wheel N53,000
- Tiger TG950 650VA Generator N14,000
- Tiger TG1200 700VA Generator N25,000

Haier Thermocool Generators (Chinese)
- Haier Thermocool Hustler Elect Generator Set + Wheel 2.8 KW/3.5KVA N62,000
Haier Thermocool TEC 2.8kw/3.5kva
- Haier Thermocool Bigboy (Remote) + Wheel Max Rated 3.5 KW/4.4KVA Generator Set (77508-0177) N107,500
- Haier Thermocool Bigboy Elect Wheel Max Rated 3.5 KW/4.4KVA Generator Set (77508-0176) N114,350

Elepaq generators
- Elepaq 5.5KVA Generator EC6500CXS
- Elepaq 5.5KVA Generator SV10000E2 N83,950
- Haier Thermocool Generator Set + ATS + Wheel Max Rated 6.5 KW/8.1KVA (77508-0182) N152,500

Honda Generators (Japanese brand)
- Honda EG 1000 0.85KVA manual generator N68,000
- Honda FA2500FMH 2.2KVA Manual Generator N76,000
- Honda EB1.9KVA Manual generator N80,000
- Honda EP2500 2.2kva manual generator N99,000 - EB3000 2.5KVA Manual generator N108,000
- Honda EG4000CX 3.5KVA Manual generator N180,000
- Honda EG5000CX 4.5KVA Manual generator N219,000
- Honda EG6500CXS 5.5KVA Keystart N272,000
- Honda EM10000 8KVA Ketstart N700,000

Yamaha Generators (Japanese brand)
- Yamaha EF2600 2.3kva Generator N127,000
- Yamaha EF5200 4.5KVA Manual generator N224,000
- Yamaha EF5200E 4.5KVA generator N303,595
- Yamaha EF6600E 5.0/5.5KVA generator N358,000

Hyundai Generators
- Hyundai HYG25KFE 2.5KVA Gasoline Generators N61,000
- Hyundai HYG45KFE 3.5KVA Gasoline generator N97,000
- Hyundai HYD55F 5KVA Diesel generator N200,000
- Hyundai HYD120US 9KVA Ultra Silent Diesel generator N920,000
- Hyundai HYD220USE 17KVA Ultra Silent generator N1,350,000

FG Wilson Generators (UK brand)
- FG Wilson 20kva Generator N1,840,000

Generator prices in Nigeria tend to vary depending on how much power they can supply. You'd find that a 650VA power generator will cost as little as N15,000 while a 250KVA generator can cost as much as N6m.

Note: The prices used above are just the estimated priced based on a market research conducted as at the date of this publication. Prices are likely to change as time changes.

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Note: The above prices are only valid as at July 15 2014 when 1 USD equaled N162.55 using the historical exchange rate tool at Oanda.


Re: Price of Electric Power Generators in Nigeria Reply by Asawa N. D. on Saturday January 10, 2015 at 12:26:6:

Thanks for this info.

Re: Price of Electric Power Generators in Nigeria Reply by Wow! on Tuesday February 24, 2015 at 11:49:3:

Na so Yamaha Gens cost? Wow!

Re: Price of Electric Power Generators in Nigeria Reply by Betty Ugba on Tuesday March 10, 2015 at 12:29:3:

how much is 25kva of Honda and tiger generator three phase going for.

Re: Price of Electric Power Generators in Nigeria Reply by victor on Wednesday October 7, 2015 at 15:36:0:

please, I need smallest original tiger. the price and assurance that is original. if you do not have original please bother not to reply the mail thanks

Re: Price of Electric Power Generators in Nigeria Reply by Felix Okoli on Wednesday October 7, 2015 at 15:36:0:

The Tiger 0.9KVA TG950 generator is the smallest tiger generator you can find in Nigeria as far as I know. You can buy it here.

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