Does a Camera's MP size really matter in image quality?

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Posted by on Tuesday August 5, 2014 at 10:46:35:

Yes it does. A camera with higher MP(MegaPixel) size can take a better picture than a camera with a smaller MP size.

When it comes to using cameras to capture images, one of the things we users normally get to read on the camera lens or specification is the MP size. Some cameras come with a smaller MP size than others.

In the older days, taking pictures used to be the exclusive right of photo cameras which were basically designed just for taking pictures and capturing videos. Nowadays, however, people now use modern day technology gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, laptops and micro cameras just to take pictures and some of these gadgets actually take a much better picture than even some once popular digital cameras. With modern technology, it now seems that the science of capturing good looking images is no longer a big deal since even small smartphones can take good pictures even from a far distance.

If you love taking pictures with your gadget or camera, one of the things you should consider is the MP size. This is even more so if you are concerned about the picture quality. The truth is that some cameras can actually take better pictures than others.

I've been to several weddings lately and notice that people were no longer taking most of their pictures with old fashioned flash cameras but more with modern day gadgets like the Apple iPads and Samsung galaxy tabs. Do these gadgets really take good pictures? Are the images taken by smartphones better than those taken by iPads? Are the pictures take by tablets like ipads as good as the ones taken by digital cameras? In most cases, the answer is no.

It basically depends on the MP size because a better MP size would make pictures look better at any size. Mobile phones are basically designed to take smaller pictures and so they come with small MP size most of the time and it's only in rate cases would a mobile phone's MP size be better than the ones tablets or cameras come with.

The Nokia 808 Pure View like its successor - the Nokia Lumia 1020 mobile phone, is built to take really good pictures even from a far distance unlike most mobile phones or tablets. Actually, the Nokia 808 even takes better pictures than some digital cameras I know. Nokia 808 has a 41MP Rear view camera that really captures most of the details of an image. You can't even compare a 41MP camera to that of a 1 or 5MP camera which most smaller mobile devices come with.

The best MP size the Ipad Air comes with is a 5MP camera but smartphones or cameras like the Nokia 808 that come with 41MP can take better pictures and so you could use the images not just for storing on your phone, sharing on social networks but even print them if you want.

So, you might wonder why even Nokia has produced what they call the best camera phone. It's simply because the phone as at the time of its release was the only phone that comes with as much as 41MP camera installed and this is why the phone is a bit pricey on sites like Amazon. Even till today, I don't think there is any phone that comes with good camera technology like Nokia phones do come with.

I've tried taking pictures too at weddings with my late Nokia E52 and it did take good pictures that were just good enough for mobile but I notice that they were not good enough for Facebook or for print. Only lately I got a 10MP digital camera and found out that it was a better option for taking pictures since it had a higher MP size and picture quality was better.

If you are concerned about taking good pictures with your electronic device and want to capture images with good quality, then you should go for camera devices that come with higher MP size. A 20 or 30 MP size would be good enough for print quality images. A 5MP camera would be good enough for the web like for sharing on blogs or social networks like Facebook. A 1 to 3MP camera would be good enough for mobile phones and smaller devices.

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