Paying your NEPA bills with Mobile Money

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Posted by on Thursday December 12, 2013 at 12:29:35:

Nowadays with the growth of mobile money, one no longer needs to go to any bank or electricity office in other to settle their prepaid bills. With mobile money, one could just buy PHCN meter tokens and it will be delivered to your phone.

Mobile money is growing in Nigeria and it allows people to settle their bills more conveniently than before. With a mobile phone and a well funded mobile money account, one can buy airtime, buy PHCN electricity PINs, make withdrawals and even send money to another person using a mobile phone.

Mobile money in Nigeria works on platforms such as USSD and mobile internet so it's quite easy to do without having to make use of a computer or leaver your home.

With the gradual deployment of many prepaid meters across Nigeria and as the country moves from a postpaid to a prepaid billing method, electricity users are now getting used to paying for electricity bills on a pay as you use basis by purchasing PINS used in topping up electricity credit just like it's done for the GSM service.

I've tried out the mobile money service provided by Stanbic IBTC and it works pretty well. For a first time user, one would just have to dial *909# and then follow the registration process. After a first time registration and funding one's account through a Stanbic bank branch or mobile money agent for free, one can then buy PHCN meter credit anytime even while the PHCN offices are closed.

There is no longer any need to visit the PHCN office whenever you want to buy meter tokens as this has been made more convenient with the use of mobile money services. However, it also seems that there is a small convenience fee of N100 once has to pay when using the service.

Once a mobile money user has requested for electricity meter token by providing the meter number involved, the PIN will be sent to the mobile phone while your mobile money account will be debited with the amount.

Using mobile money to pay for PHCN bills are one of the benefits of using the service and you should take advantage of it. Imagine staying a home on Sunday only to find out that your prepaid meter has run out of credit and the lights go off. With Mobile money, you can buy PHCN tokens anytime and any day even on Holidays when the electricity providers are closed for business.

Re: Paying your NEPA bills with Mobile Money Reply by uty on Friday December 27, 2013 at 23:39:38:

Does it work on Abuja Zone, or just Eko Zone? if any one sees the one that works on pre-paid abuja zone, email

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