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Posted by on Tuesday December 17, 2013 at 15:14:10:

Nowadays, one of the cool ways of driving traffic to a website is through social network giants like Facebook. Why Facebook? Well, it's one of the most visited websites in the world and it's a social network that allows real people to actually connect to each other.

The type of traffic a website can get from Facebook is the kind that most online merchants would love to have. Gone are the days when websites are optimized for search engine traffic by making use of SEO tricks that makes them rank higher on search results. Now, websites can also increase their traffic by partnering with Facebook.

The easiest way to get Facebook traffic is by creating a Facebook page related to your website. So, if you've got a website like say, then you can drive traffic to that website by creating a facebook page and hence a custom address at

You can simply create a facebook page for our business or website if you already have a Facebook account and then link it up to your blog using online feed management services. One way I normally do it is link my site first with twitter and then link twitter to Facebook. Once you publish content on your website, it would then also be published on Facebook and the more content you have on your Facebook, the more it would get traffic for you.

Another way you can get traffic from Facebook is by buying Facebook ads. These ads can be targeted in such a way that you can choose who gets to see your ads based on sex, location and interest.


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