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Posted by on Thursday January 9, 2014 at 11:17:25:

Konga is one of the top shopping websites in Nigeria and when it comes to making payments for your orders, they do offer a wide variety of payment options.

Payment options
The payment options acceptable by Konga include the following:
- Bank(Deposit or transfer)
- Pay on delivery
- Konga Gift card

Bank payment
Konga has accounts with a lot of banks in Nigeria using the account name "Konga Online Shopping Limited ". So, anyone who wants to shop and make payment with Konga would just need to add money to his wallet by making a bank deposit or transfer to Konga's bank account. Once the payment has been made, the value would then be credited to the customer's account and he would be able to complete payment for orders. I prefer the bank transfer option rather than deposit since I can do this with internet banking.

Pay on Delivery
This is another option Konga offers to Nigerian customers. While some other shopping websites would want you to first make payment before they ship your order, with Konga, you can choose to make payment when the item purchased has been delivered to you. This is a cool form of payment since you don't have to be worried about having your items getting missing on the road or getting stolen by impersonators. You'd be able to see the item you ordered and then make payment almost as soon as you accept the delivery. I'm not sure if it's only cash they accept. Perhaps they may also accept debit card payments using POS machines in delivery.

Konga Gift cards or vouchers
Konga's gift card or voucher is basically a virtual gift that carries a monetary value and can be used in making payment for items on Konga's shopping website.

It is another payment option acceptable on Konga. A gift card is a sort of credit on a shopper's account that allows the person to buy stuff and settle the bills based on an already existing credit to his account. A gift card can be bought on behalf of another person of for one's self and once bought, it can only be used to settle bills on Konga's website. Konga's gift card can be applied to all the items being sold on the website and come as low as N1000.

A Konga gift card is the best gift to someone most especially if you are not sure what the person want.s Giving him a gift card can allow him to choose from a wide range of options. Parents can buy gifts for their children and vice version. Couples can buy gift cards for themselves and even singles can buy gifts vouchers for themselves. One purchased or received, it can be used in adding credit to one's account using the unique code attached to it. It works a bit like Amazon's gift card by email.


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