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Posted by on Friday September 5, 2014 at 16:34:23:

In Nigeria, Paypal is still relatively new and so people are still trying to gt used to it.

Paypal Nigeria mostly works with verified bank accounts of users and for now, Nigerians can receive money through it or link it to their bank accounts but only to Debit/Credit cards powered by Visa or Mastercard. Actually, most Nigerians still make use of Debit cards rather than Credit cards since the latter is also still a relatively new concept.

I also recently had an experience with my Paypal Nigeria account and it's one I've been using already for making online payments for some transactions. I actually like the Paypal payment option rather than using a Naira or USD Visa card since it offers me some form of protection. With Paypal Nigeria, users no longer have to be giving their card details to every e-commerce website they sign up with since Paypal has arrived.

Shopping websites like MiniInTheBox also allows Nigerians to shop online for things that are made in China and Pay with Paypal. Although there are little or no e-commerce websites in Nigeria now accepting Paypal as a means of payment, they may get there soon given that Paypal services have not fully opened up.

How Paypal works in Nigeria for now is that it's linked to one's bank account through their debit/credit cards such that once Paypal checks with their bank that funds are available, Payments will be successful else it would fail. So, making Paypal payments from Nigeria is a bit like making payment with one's ATM card except that in this case, there is no need for providing a card but just a Paypal account since Paypal has already collected and verified the card details on behalf of both parties in a transaction.

Anyway, I tried sending a Paypal payment today and got an error saying "Your card issuer denied this payment. If you have another debit or credit card linked to your PayPal account, please use that. Or take a moment to link a new debit or credit card. Contact your card issuer if you don't know why you were declined".

When I got this error, I began to ask myself what really caused it. Well, one of the things I immediately checked was my bank account balance. I'm using a debit card for Paypal and since I'm already signed up for SMS alerts from my bank, I checked the last balance and noticed that it had gone low. So, it means that one of the things that can cause your Paypal payment not to be successful is when the transaction is not backed by cash especially if it's a debit card you are using. Even if it's a credit card, it might also not be successful once you've exceeded your credit limit.

The solution lies in simply fixing the problem noted in the Paypal payment error. You'd have to either contact your bank or link and use another card. In my own case, I simply made a cash deposit to my account before the close of the day and once my account was credited, I tried the transaction again and it was successful.

When Payments are unsuccessful with Paypal it might be as a result of a lot of reasons such as not cash/credit backed, exceeded your daily transaction limit at bank and so on. So, it's most mostly a Paypal problem but an issue with your bank which only you can rectify.

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Thanks Man! Very cool

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