How to record your voice calls on an Android phone

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Posted by on Monday October 21, 2013 at 16:10:52:

When it comes to doing some documentation or espionage for voice calls, creating and keeping a record of the audio files are what is really important. For most Android phones, there is actually an app for that. In fact, there are many free call recording apps for Android and I got this one from the Opera mobile store.

Personally, I've been using the Samsung GT-B5512 Android phone and although it has its own Android market, it can also download and install apps from third party sites like

As I said, there are several apps for call recording but the one I got from the opera store is called Call Recorder and it comes with an android file named fileSethiAppsCallRecorder_1_16_1.apk.

How to download Call recorder from Opera
- First of all, go to your Android phone settings and enable installation from third party sources

- Go to opera appstore and search for call recorder

- Download the Android apk file suitable for your device

- Open the file and allow the installation when asked

- After installation, you can open the application

Now, the call recorder will start keeping a record of all your outgoing or incoming calls an you can always adjust the settings by switching it off or on anytime you want.

The Call recorder records call in several formats such as amr, mpg and 3gpp and saves the file in a folder called callrecorder in your memory card. I'm using an 8GB memory card so I think that would do for me and I also noticed that a 17 second call only used up 28kb of space.

The call recorder records calls using your microphone as an input device so in order to get the best audio input, you should try putting it on speaker but either way, it records you outgoing and incoming calls.

This is a great app you can use to record your own voice calls or even other people's calls like your kids. However, I think you are not allowed to record other people's(Adults) calls without their consent.


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