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Posted by on Friday December 13, 2013 at 9:21:26:

What do you if you were disabled or barred from MTN share and sell? I think the best people that can solve your problem is MTN themselves. Try to contact a friendship center in person or call their help service. You would have to provide some valid proof that you own the SIM such as SIM certificate and frequent numbers you normally call.

MTN Nigeria's airtime credit transfer system nicknamed Share n sell is a cool service which MTN offers to Nigerians for free. It allows MTN subscribers to transfer airtime credit from one MTN sim to another for free and for amounts as low as N50 and as high as N6500 in a day.

If you are using this free service given by MTN, one of the things you should try not to do is to abuse it.

One can abuse the Share n sell service by using the wrong password or doing any other thing disallowed by the service. Once MTN systems has identified that you are abusing the system, you could be disabled or barred from using the service since it's basically a free gift or complimentary service they are offering to you.

A lot of people have asked me how they can reactivate their MTN share and sell service since they've been disabled from it. Well, if you have been disabled or barred from MTN Share and Sell, the only people who can reactive it back for you are the MTN staff themselves.

MTN staff will have to log into their admin portal and remove the obstacle blocking your sim from using the service.

So if you were disabled from MTN share and sell, just call or visit MTN customer service, have a copy of your sim certification and ask them formally to re-enable you for the service.

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Why can't they restore it on their website?

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