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Posted by on Thursday January 30, 2014 at 12:35:15:

Thinking of buying airtime credit to recharge a mobile phone line and pay with Paypal or your credit card? Well, has come to the rescue and Nigerian networks are not excluded.

With MobileRecharge, one can buy airtime credit for any mobile phone in the world and make payments with Paypal or credit/debit cards.

There is a growing of online airtime vending websites around the world and for now, I've not seen any other that has a much wider global coverage like MobileRecharge does.

To buy credit from MobileRecharge, one has to first of all select the Mobile phone's country, the network and then the buyer will be take to another page where he can enter other details like the phone number and the amount of credit in US dollars.

What I really like about their website is that it offers people living far away in another country to send airtime credit to their loved ones in their home country and pay with Paypal or credit card. For many Nigerians in Diaspora, I think this is a good one.

A lot of Nigerians who live in countries like the USA and UK and who normally send money through western union to their families to buy things like recharge cards may actually find it easier to just sent the airtime credit directly to them using this website. All it takes it knowing the recipients phone number, the network and having a Paypal or credit card account.

Also, people living in Nigeria or other country can send recharge airtime to their contacts abroad in foreign countries without the need for sending them cash. So, even parents can send credit to their children studying abroad by making use of the service that MobileRecharge offers.

Although there are many websites in Nigeria that allow residents to buy recharge cards online and pay with their bank debit cards, I think MobileRecharge will offer people an alternative platform to also send airtime credit to anyone in almost any country in the world.

MobileRecharge is a US based company that allows people to buy airtime recharge for mobile phones around the world. As at the time of writing this, they already cover over a 100 countries and have been operating for 10 years.


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