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Posted by on Monday October 1, 2012 at 13:59:10:

If you've got a mobile phone that is capable of browsing the web, you can also use it to watch streaming videos on YouTube.

Mobile browsing in countries like Nigeria is growing and there are quite a lot of things one can gain from browsing through sites like Youtube.

YouTube is a video website that has a lot of channels even more than your traditional tv. Look at it this way, your tv set may give you access to about 100 channels but on YouTube, there are millions of user created channels and these are like tv channels you can watch on demand - Just stream it to your mobile or desktop.

To watch movies on YouTube, one needs to have internet access and a device capable of playing streaming media. Most mobile phones and computers are already capable of streaming videos from Youtube and this post is on how to easily watch videos on your mobile phone while on YouTube. You can watch short or long videos, using your internet service.

What you will need to watch YouTube on mobile phone:
- A mobile phone
- Internet access
- YouTube mobile site

How to watch on YouTube
- Just use your phone browser and go to
- Search for videos you'd like to watch
- Click on the watch link
- Allow streaming when prompted (Service charges apply)
- Watch the movie and stay entertained

Tips for watching movies with mobile phone
- Pay as you use data plans can be expensive so go for unlimited data plans
- You can pause videos to prevent buffering if download speed is slow
- You can also save the link of your favourite videos for easy access and low data use
- Connecting to a wireless internet connection can save your data costs on using YouTube


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