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For many of use who use Glo bolt's internet service, one of the features you should know it comes with is automatic renewal for the data service.

Just Send cancel to 127

Glo is one of the top ISPs in Nigeria and there are a growing number of people using their service. When it comes to the internet service packages being offered by Glo, one of the most popular is Glo bolt and this is basically a USB based data service that comes with a sim card tied to the network. To use data services on GLo bolt, a registered customer would have to have sufficient credit on the Glo SIM and subscribe to the service by sending the required activation codes to 127 either by SMS or by USSD.

Just Send cancel to 127

Currently, Glo bolt's internet service comes with an active auto renewal feature which renews one's internet subscription almost as soon as the previous subscription has expired. What this means is that by default, the account of any subscriber would be immediately debited as long as he still has sufficient credit on the data SIM.

Just Send cancel to 127

Subscribers however have the option of preventing Glo's internet service to be renewed automatically by simply sending the word CANCEL to Glo's dedicated data center number, 127.

Once you are subscribed to a data plan on Glo bolt, you can allow it to automatically renew itself by doing nothing and having sufficient credit on your SIM or you can prevent it by simply sending CANCEL to 127, in an SMS.


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