Is Wireless internet service free in Nigeria?

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Posted by on Tuesday October 15, 2013 at 12:3:29:

When it come to internet services in Nigeria, one of the most convenient ways to access the service is by connecting to a WiFi hotspot. This provides one with the ability to use the internet without having to connect one's portable computer to a fixed cable wire.

There is a growing number of hotspots in Nigeria and these are located at public places like shopping malls, parks, higher institutions, corporate offices and event centers. For most of these places where I've been to, the Wifi networks are normally secured while some are open. A person intending to connect to a Wireless network would have to be given access to it either by providing a key or making it open to users. However, even though some Wifi hotspots allow users to log in freely, services which the user can access such as internet may be limited.

Have I ever seen any wireless internet service that is free in Nigeria? Well, I've only used one and that was when they were doing a promo just to market their services. I was able to use Wireless internet service provided for free by Mainone cable some time in the past at the Palms shopping mall Lekki. It was really fast and I was able to download 3GB in under 2hrs. Nowadays, I'm stuck with MTN hynet and Oxygen Wifi which I'd say are not so fast and not free either.

Free Wifi services are normally made available at special events, places and institutions, when ISPs may be doing a promo for a limited time or as a form of complementary service to a service already paid for such as a hotel accommodation. For some guest houses and hotels, internet WiFi services are free to guests who pay for a room. In some universities, internet services are also made free but on a time shared basis to students and I've noticed companies like MTN doing this using their Universities connect program.

Some major universities too offer students free WiFi services to registerd students and these includes Unilag, UNN, OAU and I think Uniben.

In general, free Wireless internet services are not that readily available and one would have to at least pay for it to get a much better service.


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