Things you can do to reduce your data based browsing costs on Google Chrome

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Posted by on Wednesday October 16, 2013 at 12:48:10:

There is a growing love for the Google Chrome browser and for me, personally, once I started using Chrome, I've not being willing to go back. Forgive me, IE.

One of the reasons why I love using Chrome is that it hardly hangs or allows lots of popups as other browsers I've used in the past. Chrome hardly crashes while you are using it but if it does, it would automatically restore when next you launch it.

If you are using an Internet service that operates on a data limit as it the case with most Nigerian networks nowadays, one of the things you can do to reduce your browsing costs is to simply reduce the amount of data you use either when making downloads or uploads.

For more regular internet users, the major problem is on downloads and the worst sites are flash sites like YouTube and gaming sites.

When someone opens a webpage, he is already downloading data and for every data downloaded on a data based plan, it costs him money. Some websites are heavier than others and even lighter websites can add up when a lot of such sites are accessed in the long term.

Imagine a scenario whereby you subscribe to a data plan for 30 days and for 2GB data limit. In most cases, you find out that even before the 30 days have elapsed, you've used up your data plan even though your validity period is still active. In the end, one ends up paying twice for an internet service that he initially hoped would pay for once.

Unless you are on an unlimited budget or using an unlimited internet data plan, you may be worried that your internet usage cost is getting too much.

Tips to reduce your browsing costs in Chrome
Here are some tips you can use to use reduce your internet cost when using a limited data plan.

- Open up Google chrome, Go to settings > Advanced settings > Content settings and customize it to reduce your browsing cost and data.
- Disable images, javascript and active content
- Disconnect from Chrome if you are signed in

The above steps would really reduce your internet cost by around 50% and that data plan may very well last as long as it's validity period is active.


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