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Posted by on Saturday October 26, 2013 at 13:25:38:

What is a personal mobile Wifi? A Personal Mobile WiFi is a portable Wireless network connection that is owned and used by a single person.

With the increasing number of tablets and smartphones being churned out by tech industries, there is also the increasing need for WiFi hotpots.

While there are probably a growing number of public WiFi services and hotspots, there are at times when having a personal WiFi hotspot has its own benefits.

One of the benefits of a personal Mobile WiFi is that it is mobile, meaning that it easily portable and can be used almost anywhere, even in remote places where public WiFi hotspots are unavailable.
Another benefit of a personal mobile Wifi is that it can be made private and hence for personal use only rather than having everyone use it.

Nowadays with a capable smartphone and a SIM card, users can easily create a mobile Wifi hotspot that can be used by their tablets for accessing the internet wirelessly. Most smartphones come with Wifi tethering ability which allows them to create WiFi hotspots that can be used by Wifi capable devices. It is like converting a 3G data plan into Wireless internet service.

Apart from smartphones, there are also portable devices that can be used to provide Mobile WiFi hotspots suitable for personal use at home or at the office.

A Personal Mobile Wifi would be useful for the growing number of Wifi capable tablets such as iPads, Kindle Fires, Galaxy tabs and other tablets that require a faster internet service for providing a good service.

When next you run out of public Wifi hotspots, you don't have to limit yourself to that as you can always try out personal mobile Wifi devices.


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