How to make your data plan last longer and browse faster.

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Posted by on Thursday October 31, 2013 at 8:44:58:

Do you know that one of the reason why your data plan doesn't last as long as you want or at least as long as its validity period is basically because of the browser you use?

I've had many experiences of my data plan getting exhausted many times even before my validity period was yet to expire. At times you may subcribe to a 24 hr data plan but find out that even within 3 hrs, your plan has been used up. What does one do to make a data plan last much longer? It is simple. Reduce the amount of data you use within that time period.

Tips to reducing your data used

1. Disable images: Images are one of the most common causes of high data usage as both mobile phones and computers tend to display images by default on their browsers. If you disable images in your browser settings, you may be able to save up to 30% on your data plan.

2. Avoid Flash websites: This is basically common in entertainment and gaming sites. Avoid them and you could be saving a lot on your data plan. If you must play games of watch YouTube videos and still want to limit your cost, then you should go for an unlimited data plan i.e. a time base plan

3. Disable plug ins: You may also go ahead and disable plug ins for your browser. These are external files added to a website that can use a lot of data and even slow down your browsing experience.

4. Browse with Opera mini: If you are browsing mostly on your mobile phone and using the default browser, chances are that it would be costing you a lot of data than if you were using Opera mini. It has a way of cutting down your data cost and even speeding up your browsing experience.

I hope these tips were helpful?


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