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Most GSM companies in Nigeria nowadays tend to offer a value added service called a data plan. It is a kind of service that allows people to access the internet on the platform of their preferred network.

What does a data plan really mean? Well, in my own definition, a data plan is basically a contract plan offered by an ISP that allows a subscriber to access the internet based on a specified amount of data downloaded and this is normally measured in bytes e.g. Megabytes(MB).

A data plan basically has to do with the allocation of data to a subscriber from his network to allow him access the web based on a data limit.

Data plans are mostly limited in size and for higher sizes or bytes, the total cost may be discounted so as to favour a patronizing customer using a spend more save less approach. A data plan may also have a time period for which it is expected to remain active and this is normally referred to as the validity period.

Data plans available in Nigeria
There are lots of data plan contracts available in Nigeria and these include the following:

MTN data plan
Glo Data plan
Etisalat data plan
Airtel data plan

How to subscribe to a data plan
To be able to use a data plan, you need to first be a registered customer to a network, add funds to your account and then subscribe by sending the required code to a dedicated number. Once your subscription is active, you'll be able to access the internet using that data plan.


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