GSM companies and their Data based Mobile Wifi prices in Nigeria

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When it comes to internet services in Nigeria, there are a lot of companies who offer them and these are highly patronized by clients either for business or personal needs. The need to stay connected to the web is a growing one in Nigeria, a country which has the highest number of internet users in Africa. With the introduction newer and smaller computers and smartphones come into play there is also the growing need for wifi hotspots.

Wifi hotspots are locations where wireless connections are readily available and this is normally made possible with the help pf wifi devices. These wireless connections allow internet users to connect to the internet without the use of wires, cables or usb devices. As long as the receiving device has a wireless network card, it would be able to connect to internet services which those wireless connections can provide.

Back whem GSM companies first introduced internet services, it was mostly tied to mobile data services which allowed users to readily connect to the web using 3G from a registered sim. However, nowadays, newer phones and tablets like the Ipad and Android tablets also come with WiFi capability and hence .

The need for portable WiFi hotspots has also provided a market for Mobile WiFi devices in Nigeria, a country where public Wifi services are not commonly available. A Wifi device is small, portable, uses a battery and can be easily carried by the subscriber from one spot to another without having to rely on the availability of public WiFi.

Besides it is alsm much safer to user a portable mifi device than a public one since it is private and more secure and will only be used by you and any other person you've given access to it.

In Nigeria, all the GSM companies do offer WiFi devices which are normally sold together with a bundled internet data plan at subsidized rates too. Here are the costs of getting a Mobile Wifi device and data service from GSM companies in Nigeria as at today:

MTN Mifi : N21000 with 3gb for 1 month
Etisalat mifi: N20,000 6gb for 1 year
Glo mifi: N20,000 with free 12gb for 1 year
Airtel mifi: N23900 with free 5gb 1 month

The MiFi devices used by these companies are mostly made by Huawei, a Chinese company and it comes with a Sim inside together with a battery and its charger. It ir normally charged before use and you can then use it without the need to connecting it with a wire or usb connection.

The MiFi device is normally powered on by using a power switch and it would create a public WiFi hotspot which you will then be able to connect to using your Wifi capable computer/Tablet/Smartphone.

It may request for a username and/or password which you will be able to connect to the service channel and manager your internet data account on your network's subscriber's panel.

Mifi Devices aer the way to go if you want a private Wifi hotspot anywhere you go to and it works on a lot of devices such as the Ipad, Kindle, Android tablets and so on.

Re: GSM companies and their Data based Mobile Wifi prices in Nigeria Reply by justice michael on Monday February 17, 2014 at 13:54:12:

Waoooo ,that's great! It is beautiful! That means I will try and get that of glo or etisalat..... Cause it is more economical , thanks and God bless u for your reserch!

Re: GSM companies and their Data based Mobile Wifi prices in Nigeria Reply by Ibrahim Habu on Monday February 24, 2014 at 14:37:58:

Nice work

Re: GSM companies and their Data based Mobile Wifi prices in Nigeria Reply by Okoro jaye jaye on Wednesday June 25, 2014 at 16:16:38:

Great work .
Economically I wonder why somone wuld choose mtn wifi.

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