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One of the reasons why I like subscribing to Glo's internet data plans is that when it comes to service reliability, they tend to offer the best. Their data services tend to be efficient for the whole period during which your service remains active. Of course you would feel cheated if you pay for a data plan in advance and later experience poor service delivery. It can be hard to recover your money in such cases and this is common when using other service providers. For this reason I highly recommend Glo's internet data plans since they are really reliable.

Glo is one of the top internet service providers in Nigeria and they do offer mobile data plans too for mobile devices.

Glo's mobile data plan is a service that offers mobile subscribers the ability to access the web on a data based limit and this is mostly a prepaid service meaning that the subscriber has to pay it forwared and then be credited with the amount of data requested.

Here are the popular mobile data plans available for Glo Nigeria.

Glo instant surf
This is a prepaid data plan that allows you to browse for at least 24 hrs. It is among the most affordable data plans.

Cost: N100
Data cap: 13 MB
Validity period: 24 HRS
How to subscribe: Just dial *127*51#

One week
This is a prepaid data plan that expires after 1 week and allows you to browse with more data unlike hte instant surf.

Cost: N400
Data cap: 65MB
Validity period: 7 days
How to subscribe: Just dial *127*52#

Always micro
Cost: N1,000
Data cap: 260MB
Validity period: 30 days
How to subscribe: Just dial *127*53#

Always macro
Cost: N3,000
Data cap: 1.5 GB
Validity period: 30 days
How to subscribe: Just dial *127*54#

You'll find that the data plans that come with more validity periods also come with more data than if you were just paying for a 24 hr period. So, I think the best thing to do is first understand your data needs before subscribing to a plan. If you require data on a daily basis, you should go for higher plans.

The service is targeted at mobile devices like your mobile phone and tablets but it can also be used on laptops. It's really fast and supported by Glo's high speed network.

Just make sure that your Glo sim has enough airtime credit and then you can subscribe by dialing the USSD code or sending the the last 2 digits preceding the hash tag to 127 in an sms. It is that easy.


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