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Posted by on Monday September 23, 2013 at 9:48:30:

One of the things you should really consider before subscribing to an internet service in Nigeria is their data limit. Yes, most of them come with a data cap but there are some which do not and if you ask me, that can really save you a lot of money.

When it comes to internet services in Nigeria, most of them are normally limited by a data cap. This means that for most of those ISPs, their packaged plans mostly comes with a data limit and this means that even if you are on a monthly plan and you've exhausted your data limit, you would need to pay another full subscription even before your initial subscription has ended. That amounts to paying twice for a subscription you hoped would have lasted you for at least 1 month.

Why should someone pay twice or thrice for an internet service that normally has a validity period of a month? Why do you have to pay for a internet service based on how much data you've used rather than on how much time you have used?

Well, there are not many internet service providers in Nigeria that offer one a private service for home or office use and based on no data limits.

One of the reasons why I love using Starcomms izap is because of their business plan which does not come with any data limits. With Izap, you can browse whatever you want and download or upload as much data as you want without having to pay for internet based on data used or have to renew your subscription multiple times in a month.

There are many other internet services I've used that are normally limited by data cap and I've had to renew my subscription like 4 times within the same month. For me, it doesn't really make economic sense to subscribe to a data plan when you know that it would probably not last up to 7 days even though the validity says it would last for up to a month.

I love Starcomms Izap because it is more conservative, even though it may not be as fast as most other broadband services, it is still fast enough. I get to be able to stream lots of movies on YouTube, download and upload data to my website, Chat on Facebook, send and receive multiple emails, use Yahoo messenger and lots of other things without having to bother that my data limit has been exceed.

I don't know if you feel it but I do feel a bit of anxiety when using an internet service that comes with a data cap knowing at the back of my mind that my subscription could be cut off within a few minutes of watching live Video on YouTube or using a chat room.

Starcomms Izap is a broadband internet service that has its peak and slow monments but it surely relieves you of the anxiety of exhausting your subscription too quickly, saves you cost and does not limit your data usage when browsing the web.

Personally, I prefer the 9 - 9 business time plan but there are a lot of other plans available on Starcomms Izap which can be based on a monthly or hourly plan but never on a data cap or limit.

You can enjoy unlimited internet browsing with Starcomms Izap and still stick to your monthly budget.

The business time is priced at about N7,000 while the cheapest is the night plan which costs only N5000 in a month. The 24 hr plan which runs for up to a month is the most expensive but it still goes for just N15950 which is a moderate pricing for internet services in Nigeria.

Re: Why I love the unlimited internet data service on Starcomms Izap Reply by k on Tuesday May 20, 2014 at 14:53:27:

i use mtn and though d data size seemed large at frst,it's now too small . Downloads of a few tens of gigabytes translate into tens of thousands (=N=). So can starcomms help here? Can i download an 18 gig file at good speed /same amount?

Re: Why I love the unlimited internet data service on Starcomms Izap Reply by Felix Okoli on Tuesday May 20, 2014 at 14:53:27:

Yes Starcomms can save you money but I don't think their network is available in every city. If their network is good in your city, then you can subscribe to them

Re: Why I love the unlimited internet data service on Starcomms Izap Reply by gbenga on Saturday July 19, 2014 at 12:18:59:

if you are downloading tens of gigabytes, maybe you should consider dokwa.com

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