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Posted by on Thursday November 28, 2013 at 8:52:36:

Have you ever detected a WiFi hotspot with your device and tried connecting to it but are not able to browse the internet with it? Well that's the case for most Wifi networks available in Nigeria. Just because they are visible to your device doesn't mean that you can connect to the internet with it.

If you are in a location where your device can detect an Oxygen WiFi hotspot, you can connect to it and be able to use the network to browse the internet. You need to first register for a free account.

You should know that even though you can connect to the Oxygen WiFi hotspot at public places, you may still not be able to use it to browse the web unless you are registered. So, connecting to a WiFi hotspot is one thing but browsing the web with it is another.

I recently visited a Wifi location at a mall sometime and someone asked me how he could browse with it. I noticed that he was just trying to do son on his own wit his mobile phone but was not logged in yet. With Oxygen's Wifi service, one needs to first register for an account, pay for time, log into your account with your device's browser and then you'd be able to connect to the internet.

What you need to do
- Register for a free account with Oxygen staff. You'd need to provide your phone number and choose a password.
- Open your device's Wifi detector and connect
- Go to your browser and allow it to go to Oxygen's log in page
- Log in with your username and password
- Now you'd be able to browse the web, make downloads and check email.


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