MTN is giving 1GB for just N500 with their bonus offer to Hynet customers

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Posted by on Saturday January 10, 2015 at 15:0:11:

I've noticed this for a while and I think I've received it for more than 4 times now but didn't really have time to tell you guys about it. MTN Nigeria is currently offering a 100% bonus data to customers who use their Hynet internet service. This promo is tagged season of surprises and it doesn't just apply to Hynet users only but others as well and you could check for more details here.

Anyway, the one I'm concerned most about is their Hynet internet service to which I'm a subscriber too. I normally subscribe for 4GB a month at just N4000 and this means I'm paying about N1000 per GB which is a reasonable amount to pay for internet service in Nigeria as at 2015. Who knows if prices will drop in future or if internet service will no longer have data caps for the masses. Some people spend as much as N1500 per GB even on a mobile data plan which they rarely used up per month.

I've noticed that each time I pay N4,000, I get an additional bonus data of 4GB which is and extra 100% of the data I had paid for. It now means I'm spending just N4,000 to get 8GB and that mathematically translates to N500 for 1GB on the Hynet service.

The N500 for 4GB is just for people who subscribe for the 4GB 24 hr monthly plan at a speed of 2MBPs which I subscribed to but for those who subscribe to more data, they can get their costs reduced to as low as N400 per GB.

MTN Hynet also has an unlimited plan that allows you to download as much data as you want for N35,000 to N52,700 a month for their 1mbps to 2mbps plans.

For my private internet use, I think the 8GB plan per month is sufficient as it allows me to do a lot of basic things quicker and smoothly.

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