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Posted by on Tuesday December 3, 2013 at 8:41:46:

If you visited Konga's website on black Friday, a day they dedicated to offering great deals at reduced prices to customers for Christmas, you would have noticed that the website apparently crashed down Yakata and I'm guessing this has to do with traffic overload on their servers by Nigerian shoppers. Most visitors who rushed in to take advantage of their black Friday offer were not able to do their shopping as a result of the "503 - Server not available error" the server was giving.

Two possible reasons why Konga's website crashed on black Friday
1. Unexpected high traffic
2. Technical shut down by Konga to avoid loss

1. Unexpected high traffic:

Every website is hosted on an online service by a web host and the website normally has a sort of bandwidth allowance or in lay man's words, a maximum amount of visitors it can respond to such that when that number gets exceeded, the website simply goes AWOL. However, this could have been avoided if Konga was using a much better service or web hosting plan. There are bigger shopping websites like Konga which even have more customers and receive more than triple their traffic and yet their website never crash down Yakata.

So if the website was shut down as a result of too many visitors, it's simply the fault of Konga since they didn't prepare well for it. They should have anticipated a spike in traffic and done something to prevent legitimate shoppers from losing

2. Technically shut down by Konga to prevent loss:

Well, if the Konga staff had expected that the Christmas Yakata sales would not be profitable to the company, it is quite possible that they could have easily maneuvered the website and shut it down so that online shoppers would be unable to buy until the black Friday offer expires.

You know, it's so easy to suspend sales on a shopping website just to prevent buyers from taking advantage of a huge deal.

Well, It can be hard to believe that Konga would be willing to engage in something like this and so I guess the first option seems more likely - It was probably a cause of unexpected high traffic.

Who should be blamed for Konga's Black Friday website shut down?

Ideally, it has to be Konga who made the offer in the first place. They needed to have done all within their power to ensure that Nigerians were able to buy into a deal they've already being offering through adverts. I think they need to do something to ensure that those who were disenfranchised from shopping at their website on Black Friday get a sort of compensation like extension of the offer period.

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